Ok Steve...one can find links to back up anything
one like to promote on the internet. I owned
a VW Rabbit 82 and Passat 80 both of them diesels. I bought them used and owned them for
several years. Junked the Rabbit after being hit
the first time in my driveway by my neighbor
and the second time by a fellow who went thru a
stop sign. The engine was in great shape. Never gave me problems. I had about 160000 miles on it.
The Dasher gave up when the oil pump froze (thats
not a diesel problem). My TDI runs great, but I do
agree that diesels have a problem with the poor
quality diesel we have in the US. Modern diesel
engines based on near or sulphur free diesel fuel
like what the Japanese and Europeans have clogs
up using high sulphur diesel fuel. Every few years
the CCV system and intake manifold have to be
cleaned or inspected. On a VW TDI it can be done
by the owner, but when near sulphur free diesel
goes on the market soon this problem will be
solved. Another solution is to use biodiesel.