Oh, I should add... I don't like sedans or trunks. My Jetta is a wagon version. That's what I meant by not liking sedans. The only thing a trunk is good for is hiding bodies, and I'm not a mobster. Otherwise, the trunk just takes up space and reduces the utility So I looked for a Golf or a wagon. Just because millions of Americans like trunks is not a good reason to have one- millions of Europeans are the exact opposite and preffer hatchbacks, with good reason.

VW had some problems with reliability, mostly with their gas cars being built in Mexico. Problems like the cars burning "excesive" oil or having electrical problems. An electric window failing is in no way comparable to Ford's Focus having catastrophic suspension failure, it's pretty minor, especially if the car is under warranty. All in all, you are going to hear stories of somebody, somewhere having a problem with a car, no matter what model it is. If you are the type that doesn't ever want to have to worry about repairing a car or changing oil, then throwing away or trading in the car when you get bored with it, maybe the Honda or Toyota is a better choice, but as VW used to have in their pitch "Drivers Wanted". I'd much rather have a quirky but fun-to-drive car than a soleless econobox. Civics and Corollas all look the same to me and the suspension and handling are nice and suqishy for the masses (I guess it could be worse, they could have American suspensions like a Ford Taurus, that would really suck).

And I'm sorry but I don't see how a basic Prius is anything but "stripped down". The sound system in the basic Prius is meager, and the car lacks side airbags, which I believe should not be an option, they should be standard, as they are relatively inexpensive (they only cost about 200 dollars for the carmaker). And the salesmen at the local dealers were mostly all pushy- they were trying to sell me cars I really didn't want, instead of ordering me the car I did want.