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    discuss H H experences with owners

    We are the new proud owners of a new Highlander Hybrid - in fact we passed on the Ford Escape Hybrid, being willing to wait a little longer - trusting the Toyota hybrid history.
    We were on a list for almost a year, put down the $500.00 deposit - we made up our mind that long ago - that for safety and to keep up with the vehicles that towered over us on the road we wanted an SUV but only a hybrid.
    We got one of the first two to come to the dealer and were able to pick color and 2 or 4 wheel drive ahead of time.
    Today, about 3 weeks later, we saw the first other 'sister' H H - it was cool we stopped and talked. That one was purchased 400 miles away.
    We have just over 3000 miles already based on some long vacation driving - getting around 350 miles to a tank of gas - 28 +/- mpg - but almost all of our driving has been highway.
    We love the car - quiet! new car smell, moon roof-6cd changer+ tape -GPS which is a blast (we haven't named the lady who speaks to us yet-still getting a feel for her personality) 7 seats and 10 cup holders - clearance for dirt roads- a higher point of view so we are seeing sights we never saw before.
    All that and we know we are polluting 80% less than everyone else except the other hybrids.
    I love trying to maximize gas milage by coasting and watching the various displays - I trust city driving will help....
    any other owners out there with thoughts to share????
    Thanks ahead of time,

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    discuss H H experences with owners

    We just bought a new hh in las vegas and the week I drove It was a trip into the automobile future.We will fly back to pick it up and drive it thru the grand canyon area and thru canyonland park on our way to minnesota.My daughter named the GPS MAP girl "PAM" Our milage was 25.6 average for 1 week of fun driving,which included several full trottle runs.The highlander is fast enouf to be fun!!

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    discuss H H experences with owners

    I LOVE my Highlander Hybrid!!! I've had the car 2 and 1/2 weeks so far and couldn't be happier. My model is the Highlander w/4WDi and option package #1. I started looking for a hybrid last year when I found out that my Subaru Forester had the same emissions as a Lincoln Navigator! Ugh! I first looked at the Lexus 400h, but didn't like the cramped driver's footwell, or the fact that you couldn't get it without a leather interior. The Lexus dealer suggested waiting for the Highlander and I'm so grateful that he did.

    So far I've driven 125 miles of city driving in Chicago and used only 1/4 of a tank of gas, putting it right on target for the 31 mpg in the city.

    This car is incredible. The ride is extremely smoothe and quiet, and the car has great roll when you release the accelerator. I've been using the electric/gas display to fully take advantage and train myself to maximize use of the electric battery. It's a lot of fun!

    The interior is great and extremely comfortable. The adjustable lumbar support is the best I've ever felt. The back seat is extremely spacious with plenty of leg room, and the cargo area is plenty big enough for me. Plus I can fit my large cello case into the car without a problem.

    I'll be taking the car on a road trip to Indianapolis this weekend, and can't wait to see how it handles on the highway. So far in Chicago, I've been on Lake Shore Drive a few times, and the acceleration/power is definitely there when you need it.

    I would recommend this car to anyone. Period. But especially to those who are environmentally conscious, looking for a car with lots of cargo room, or wanting a four-wheel drive vehicle for winter driving.

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    discuss H H experences with owners

    Did the road trip as noted above... I had a total of FIVE adults in the car for this 150 mile drive. The added weight of about 750 pounds (and undoubtedly the air conditioner as it was in the 90's) reduced the highway gas mileage to the low 20's. However, I've tested it on the highway again with only one passenger (but still with air conditioning on), and the mileage is actually above the stated 27 mpg... more like the low 30's!

    It's a fantastic car... I'm VERY pleased with it's performance in all settings.

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    discuss H H experences with owners

    I have a brand new 400h, Has anyone experienced a musty odor from the A/C after restarting the car?

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    discuss H H experences with owners

    I have over 5,000 miles and took it in for 5K servicing.I told them I was not getting anywhere near the mileage represented by all the ads and was told by the tec that it takes a while because the car has to get used to my driving style/methods.I have been and still am getting approx 20 -22 in town and am very dissatisfied. BG in S.C.

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