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    compressed air car

    Chase, the hybrid car concept is over a century old - see the Hybrid History web page here at http://www.hybridcars.com/history.html. Ferdinand Porsche built a hybrid - see the 1898 entry. See http://www.chiangmai-mail.com/162/auto.shtml for a more complete discussion of Porsche's hundred-year-old hybrids.

    Hydrogen-fuelled automobiles are somewhere between science fiction and crude prototype. If nothing else, hydrogen "gas stations" are few and far between. For a short discussion on hydrogen-fuelled city buses, see http://www.actransit.org/news/articl...cleid=2c567bc7.

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    compressed air car

    A C G:

    Do you have an email address I could use to ask you a few questions? Thanks, Rod

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    compressed air car

    These are my main objections against the MDI concept. It looks promising only if one does not make a few calculation, as I did.

    1) Filling station for air tanks.
    Some sources mention a filling time at a compressor station of 2, other 3 minutes. Compressing 90000 liters of air in such a short time without pressure buffer containers (at higher pressure than 300 bars) would need a compressors with 630 resp. 945 kW motor. These compressors are highly sophisticated machinery with total noise guard, air dryer and possibly oilless air discharge (to prevent clogging of lines thru freezeup, caused by the Joule Thomson effect). They need specialized servicing and maintainance and are not only very costly in installation but also in operation. Therefore, it would be wrong to calculate the costs of elecrical power alone.
    If you are interested, you can find compressors for such pressures here:

    2) "Home filling".
    Some sources mention that one can fill the tanks in 4,5 hours by just plugging the car to an electric outlet in ones garage. The compressor would be part of the car engine. This is nonsense of course, because that would not only need a high pressure compressor with 3 or better 4 stages with intercoolers, but also a driver with 6,5 kW in the car! In addition of 300 liters of bottle volume. By the way, I designed such compressors myself and know what I am talking about.

    3) Size of pressure bottles.
    If I understood right, there are 3 bottles horizontally situated under the drivers seat. With a possible length of approx 1,6 meters, the diameter of one 100 liter bottle would be appprox. 300 mm. This would mean that the bottles would have to be mounted very low, close to road surface. This could be hardly accepted by the authorities (to dangerous when driving over obstacles on the road).

    4) Last but not least.
    The energy stored in the bottles would be about 52 MJ. 1 Liter of gasoline has 31 MJ!!

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    compressed air car

    Air-Electric Cars are the future!
    Ultimately, the electric will derive from wind, or solar energy, with the solar 'paneling' incorporated as a body surface!
    I believe the best electric development to be "Wavecrests" "All Wheel" motor- generator system, and it should be combined with a pneumatic system similar to that of the French "MDI", or the Korean "PHEV".
    Ergo: the perfect 'GREEN CAR'.

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    compressed air car

    In the first place, all of these people posting remarks need to learn to spell. Hydrogen is not "hidrogen." Many other egregious spelling examples in the posts.
    I always thought the air was generated by a ram air turbine, compressed, then the gearing did the work. I guess i was wrong. At any rate, the french are a very intelligent people, and have always been on the cutting edge in many areas. VIVE LA FRANCE! For example, this month, the biggest passenger jet in the world, made by Airbus, is making it's debut trip. holds up to 500 passengers. Looks like the 747 just lost the lead.

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    compressed air car

    with pneumatics a car can be saved from potholes, the pneumatic system could make it so that the car would have a kind of bounce system to prevent the hard smack when going over the pothole

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    compressed air car

    Educate yourselves: read Tim Flannery's "The Weather Makers"

    Step one is to get the grid off Co2 emmission.

    Denmark is very much pwered by wind. Hence NO POLLUTANTS from a compressed air vehicle.

    Tasmania is hydro powered, and even wind powered, including a successful export of its wind tower supply.

    Grid can be pollutant free, and NOW in some areas.

    Wow, some people can be so quick to condemn, and to give up. Lets take the challenge!

    Oh and, re: spelling, lets not exclude the dyslexic and non english speakers from discussion!

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    compressed air car

    This concept works exactly like those AIR HOGS Air powered airplane toys, if you've ever seen them. A child pumps the air in on a seperate "dock," then spins the propeller (which gets a tiny piston to reciprocate within a cylinder that turns the propeller), and then throws it. The airplane toy flies for about a minute, until the air runs out and it lands (or crashes). Then the child just pumps air into it again, and can keep going. I know this because I used to fly these things when I was a kid, and I loved them.

    If this technology sound interesting, you might want to stop buy your nearest "TOYS R US" or similar, and take a look at one of these toys.

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    compressed air car

    Drive a Toyota hybrid car and you know what the future will look like.
    Air does not have the necessary energy density.

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    compressed air car

    fly wheel power by compress air to run car?

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