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    compressed air car

    this would be a good project for bill gates has the french company contacted him for funding?

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    compressed air car

    this is way closer to reality than hydrogen. There is already an electic infrastructure that almost everyone can access. (at night while demand is down). I only know of 1 hydrogen station in southern california.

    Comments that this only relocates the pollution to power plants, while absolutely true, are just as true for all electic vehicles. The electricity can be made with green solar, hydro and wind however. Fossil fuel never can be made from renewable energy and most Hybrids sold today are 100% powered by fossil fuel. Sorry but them's the facts.

    Did I mention that hydrogen production also requires electricity for electolisis?

    I hope they can overcome the range issues with the air car. Range has been the death knell for most alternative vehicles

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    compressed air car

    Actually it's not quite true that "fossil" fuel can never be made from renewable energy - "fossil" fuel can be replaced by renewable energy fuel in the form of biodiesel. This is made from vegetable oil such as canola/rapeseed with a little ethanol.

    This turns out to be a reasonably efficient way to store solar energy for transport use. It is also cleaner as the fuel is essentially pure hydrocarbon.

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    compressed air car

    what about taking the flinstone idea and fusing it with the hydrogen idea. the peddling will power the electrolysis until the motor can get going. Like a moped?

    or using all the energy waves given off by radioactive material. dumbing the energy down into usable current.COPYRIGHT 2005

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    compressed air car

    I have read articles in which part of the compressed air system offered refueling stations that used barges set on rivers which had long 'tubes' underneath in the water. The power of the flowing water compressed the air.

    I would gladly sign over $5,000 as a shareholder to an open, monitored system that would develop such environmentally better energy options. I suspect most people would also be willing to risk a relatively small portion of their funds. Together this could easily reach the hundreds of millions and could give the boost needed to make compressed air vehicles a viable market presence.

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    compressed air car

    The beauty with compressed air is that it can be generated directly from a windmill, no need to turn into electricity and then back again, so therefore lower losses.

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    compressed air car

    in a pich i guess one could add a tire pump?

    ~ have your passenger pump while sitting there & help pay for his lift...

    actually there are many ways to compress air, so it would surely be a *green* car!

    see ya

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    compressed air car

    I Think you are all lookin at it the wrong way remember the earth was flat once .

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    compressed air car

    Very good idea!
    This engin will work very well.
    The only think wrong with it
    ordinary people will never get it
    because the gouvernement will stop it
    before it reached our country.
    Because the gouvernement and the oil
    company work together in order to
    pollute our planet, to make more money.

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    compressed air car

    I'm interested in getting enough info together to see if it is feaseable to build a backyard hybrid as was done back in the 70's BUT using a diesel engine to run a compressor and a compressed air engine instead of an electric motor. Any ideas out there as plans or info that will actually translate into knowlege about construction? On the barge river thing. A friend of mine proposed using barges that would generated stored hydogen via electolisis by using the motion of the waves. sounds possible to me, tho compressed air woudl make more sense. also there is no need to charge the tanks rapidly if the tanks were interchangeable , out with the empty in with the full etc. I want one of those perpetual motion cars tho

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