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    What tires are the best for HCH?

    My tires are running a little thin? Also, what is the perfect pressure for HC tires? Thanks.

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    looking for modifications

    looking for modifications for 2008 civic hybrid

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    The best pressure is

    The best pressure is actually ~2 psi shy of the Maximum pressure rating listed on the tire. The psi listed on the driver's side door jamb is the lowest safe pressure you should sport and it decimates your fuel economy as well as the thread life of your tires in exchange for extra ride comfort.

    So if the maximum rating is 44psi, I would suggest setting the tire pressure to 42-44 psi.

    The best tires for the Civic Hybrid 2 are the manufacturer provided OEM LRR tires. They are not the quietest tires nor the most gripping in adverse conditions but they score very well in helping the car achieve maximum fuel savings - which is this car's primary goal.

    In any case, if an alternate tire is rated as LRR then it OK. If it is NOT rated as LRR then get ready to see some pretty poor mileage coming your way



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    I was at dealer the other

    I was at dealer the other day and asked them to inflate my tire to 40 front and 38 rear. they convinced me that if the tires were inflated to that pressure the tires will be worn in the middle really fast and may burst. How true they were?

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    No, been runing 42-46 PSI

    No, been runing 42-46 PSI for years. They last longer and wear fine. Bought me a set of GoodRich at SAMS and they work fine so far.

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