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    Civic Cruise Control

    I've discovered the cruise control has a finer ability to control when it uses the electric motor than my right foot on the pedal has!

    It's also a smoother drive in my manual - less gear changing. I'm now using the cruise control in all types of traffic conditions - at speeds above 35mph. I'm seeing about 1mpg improvement from this strategy.

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    Civic Cruise Control

    I also use the cruise control whenever possible and have a lifetime mpg of just under 50 and a best mpg of 62 (55 mph in 75 degrees w/o AC) with my HCH. Love the car!

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    Civic Cruise Control

    I purchased my '05 HCH just last month and I love it! I live in San Francisco where gas is now hitting about $3/gallon, and while I feel bad for many of my friends I have no problem offering to drive. I am now averaging about 48mpg on my commute and yesterday hit 52 mpg!

    It's really been a great decision, and I enjoy taking a small step towards reducing oil dependancy and environmental impact, and of course saving a lot of money..

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    Civic Cruise Control

    You guys have encouraged me to try cruise control.Altho I do a lot of driving, cc was just an extra like the cd player that happened to come with the car. I'll give it a shot this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    Civic Cruise Control

    the ergonomics of the honda hybrid civic cruise control are excelent! i use it for a lot of basic driving paterns.

    except on long drives my thumb actually gets a little sore...

    see ya

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