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    I would either go with the

    I would either go with the 15-inch: 195/65R15 or the 17-inch: 215/45R17. If you're not sure what these sizes indicate, this article from STS Tire will quickly debrief you.

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    Toyota Prius 2008 Package

    Toyota Prius 2008 Package #6 Touring
    Tires: Bridgestone 195/55R/16

    My OEM lasted 38,000+ and my replacement Bridgestones are currently on 42,000 and still driving strong but the wear bars are just starting to show. Since I purchased the replacements from Les Schwab, their FREE maintenance policy has me rotating every 5K .... which I attribute to the excellent wear.

    As to the other threads about RPM errors, well its due to the changes they made in the tires they used to get a "cheaper tire". Even changes in manufacture of the same "size" will cause 1-3 MPH. Anyone trying to go from a 15'' to a 16'' .... don't without recalibrating your speedo. Mine is the Level #6 Touring package which is tuned to the 16'' wheels they provide as a part of the package. My MPHs is right on !

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    Ron, did you try those

    Ron, did you try those Michelins on your Prius? I'm thinking of buying a Prius and I love michelins in general.

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    I would be interested in

    I would be interested in people listing their speedometer rate compared to what speed their GPS states. If several people listed their Prius year, size tires and difference between speedometer and GPS at 60 MPH it would be interesting. Say at 60MPH (speed up slowly from say 58 and engage the cruise control as soon as you hit the sixty mark (my theory is it would be closer to 60, ( 60.1 as oppsed to 60.9). Don't get me wrong I love my Prius and think it's a great car, but I believe from other sites I have been reading the Prius speedometer is reading 4-5% faster than actual speed. I would like to determine if it is true also with the newer cars that come with 195/65's.

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    Bought my 2010 Pruis in

    Bought my 2010 Pruis in October 2010, have already had to replace back rt rear. This Prius came with Yokohama <SP> low riders and I would NOT reccomend them at all. Very rough ride. Best mileage I've gotten is 42 mpg. My question. I want to replace my wheels and tires with regular tires. Any suggestions on the best tires for better mileage?

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    Here is some free advice

    Here is some free advice about prius tires.
    I worked as a tire mechanic for a taxi company in New Zealand where the entire fleet was Prius.
    Tires designed for hybrid cars have what the tire companies call, "low rolling resistance", that is they are designed for higher mpg than standard tyres. So If you are looking at replace OEM look for another hybrid OEM tyre. Increasing your tire pressure will do a few things, increase your mgp which is good, but what it will also do is reduce your braking ability, which is bad! safety is more important than tyre life do not adjust the tire pressure +/- 4 PSI from factory recommended.
    Changing to a "normal" tyre will almost surely dramatically decrease your mpg, that means you are using more fuel to go the same distance, why have a hyrbid car if you are going to do all you can to make it more inefficient?
    Now if saving the planet isn't your thing then heres some other advice first of which is "why the hell buy a prius in the first place?" and second is, unlike what other posts say in this thread, you can change the wheel rim size without altering gear ratios, speedo readings, ride height... You simply have to decrease the tyre diameter to ensure that the overall tyre assembley diameter doesn't change. But again, fitting a wider tyre creates a larger tyre footprint which means more rolling resistance which means less mpg.
    A couple of good options depending on your tyre size
    Goodyear Assurance (with Fuel Maxx technology)
    Michelin Energy XM1+

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    www.atlantagoodusedtires.com has the lowest prices on quality used tires and new tires. They are located in Georgia.

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    Hard to tell how many miles

    Hard to tell how many miles I'm getting w/my 2008. Am in CT so....snows on in the Winter....Regulars (OEM) in the summer. Have 40,000 miles total....will need new Regulars this Spring!

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    I had the original Goodyear

    I had the original Goodyear tires, they were very quiet and gave me about 35K, now I have Briddgestone coming on 85K and need to replace them, I will go back to the Goodyear as they were much much quieter.

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    My 2007 Prius has been going

    My 2007 Prius has been going thru tires also, front is wearing unevenly!
    Alignments do not seem to help.

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