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    How were the Goodyears? At

    How were the Goodyears?
    At my Sam's club they said that the Goodyear were the worst of the tires,
    Quiet is good, and mpg is important.

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    I dont get your statement,

    I dont get your statement, what is the exact milage finally before you replace your Potenza?
    can you make it clear coz I'm interested the Bridgetone to replace my Dunlope tire soon.

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    My '07 "Base" Prius has had

    My '07 "Base" Prius has had the Kumho ECO SOLUS HM tires for about a year now. They are a so called "lower rolling resistance" 100,000mi tread wear guaranteed tire. So far, they are relatively quiet, pleasant riding, good wet braking, able handling tire, for me. I special ordered them at Discount Tire here in Texas for about $80ea. in July 2010.

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    I have a 2006 prius and the

    I have a 2006 prius and the OEM tires (I believe goodyear) lasted 58k miles. Switched to a Pirelli P5 at the suggestion of the tire store and immediately my mileage dropped 4-5 mpgs. I was very disappointed with the mileage drop, but the tires have performed very well, and have lasted 75k miles. I am ready for new tires before winter and have not decided but will absolutely go with a LRR tire and hope to get back that 4-5 mpg. I still get 44-45 mpg on the highway going 70-75 mph, and with city and highway mix staying under 62 or so, I get 50-53 mpg.

    I dont understand why some of us get much better mileage out of our tires and some get terrible wear. Possibly it is a combination of the driver and the road conditions for that person?

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    I also bought a set of

    I also bought a set of 195/65/15 Hydroedge tire and after 40,000 miles I need to replace them. Very sad for a 90,000 mile tire.

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    As another owner of a 2010

    As another owner of a 2010 basic Prius with Yokohama original tires, I have had 5 flats in 18 months and need new tires after 27,000 miles. My driving and maintenance habits have not changed,they are rotated and aligned avery 5-10,000 miles. Last originals lasted 91,000 miles on a Hyundai Santa Fe. I am looking for thoughts on what to get now. I'm on the the east coast and thinking of either Bridgestone Ecopia or Costco Michelin 195/65-R15's. Help!

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    I just replaced the original

    I just replaced the original tires on my 2010 Prius (managed to get 58K miles) with Yokohama Avid Touring S tires. I made this choice because of price, but have found that my usual mpg (56-57) is down to 50-51. Unfortunate choice, I think...

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    I've got a 2004 Prius with

    I've got a 2004 Prius with 180,000 miles on it. Replaced the original tires once with Michelins but now need a new set.

    The 80 K warranty on Michelins is an understatement. GET THEM. They're worth the extra $40.

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    Was told by my Toyota tech

    Was told by my Toyota tech that the front tires wear considerably faster than the rear because of the added strain of the electric motors and transassembly kicking in and out constantly. That is why even in the owners manual they say you must rotate tires at every oil change. I rotate mine every 5000 or so miles when I have the oil changed and they wear really evenly. I've seen others who don't and you can really tell, they lose 20 to 30k miles on the front set. Be sure to get the free tire rotations when you buy your tires for this car. They will definately pay for itself.

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    I had bought my 09 prius

    I had bought my 09 prius used with 30k on it and when I got them they had 195 60 15 which is larger than the 185 65 15 they originally had on them and I noticed a mpg gain when I went back to the original size

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