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    if your front tires wore out

    if your front tires wore out 10k miles before your rear tires, then the problem wasn't with the tires, but rather with the lack of preventative maintenance practiced by their owner ...

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    Will 205-55-16 Michelin

    Will 205-55-16 Michelin HydroEdge tires fit an 07 Prius Touring?

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    They will possibly fit but

    They will possibly fit but the best thign to do is keep the overall diameter of the tire the same as stock. This will minimize change on speedometer reading and will not affect braking characteristics as much.

    Technically an 07 Prius can fit a 17" wheel provided you keep the overal diameter of the outside tire the same which means the tire gets thinner. I have 215/45-17's on my Prius.


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    I bought my 2008 Prius last

    I bought my 2008 Prius last April. I have the Goodyear Integrity tire. I have almost 55,000 miles on it, have the tires rotated often, and will probably still get another 5,000 miles before I replace them. They still have quite a bit of tread on them. Almost all my miles are highway miles, as I drive over 100 miles a day. I'm just hoping I can get the same amount off the new tires I will be buying in a month or two. Might stick with Goodyear.

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    My 2008 was purchased in

    My 2008 was purchased in April 2008 also. I rotated tires at 10,000 mile intervals and at 1 year the tires were down to the wear bars. All four. I know have over 20,000 and I'm well into the wear bars. I've got Goodyear Integrities and came to this site to decide what to buy next. Mixed reviews on these Goodyears. I drive more town type roads and less highway. I wonder if only the highway commuters are getting the higher miles off of thier Goodyears.

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    I purchased a set of

    I purchased a set of Michelin - HydroEdge at Bog O Tires in Sacramento, CA on 10/3/09 for my 2006 Toyota Prius. I am not very happy with the tires, as there seems to be a real drag on the car driving down the road. When driving slower in a parking lot I hear a lot of tire noise. I've also noticed that my mileage has dropped some. Did you purchase a set for your car? If so, how do you like them?

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    Has your mileage improved @

    Has your mileage improved @ all yet? we are planning on going to Costco today to put these tires on our 08, but only if these are the best bet! I know my husband (it's his car) will be very upset about tire noise.

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    I have complained to Toyota

    I have complained to Toyota and they also told me they have no complaints about tire wear. They must be lying, because I know of several other owners who have complained. I think the rear axle is the culprit. I have just put on my 4th set of new tires on my 2005 Prius. I have filed two complaints with no help whatsoever. I have been checking alignment, both at Toyota Service and a reputable alignment shop outside of Toyota. The car has always been in alignment according to Toyota's specification. However I feel their specifications are a bid broad inasmuch as I am wearing out tires very fast. The last set of tires were from Costco, X Radials, which is an 80,000 mile tire which lasted about 20,000 miles.

    Needless to say, I am very upset with Toyota and their lack of support to solve this problem.

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    I now drive a 2007 Prius

    I now drive a 2007 Prius with 50k miles. I'm still on my original Goodyear tires and won't buy the same brand for my replacements (I plan to push them another 20K miles). My previous car was a 1990 Honda Civic that was going strong at 300,000 miles until someone wrecked into me and totaled it. However, I easily got 80k miles on a set of tires. It all depends on how you drive (I got 50mpg on my civic in the city). Drive conservatively as if you have an egg between your foot and gas pedal and a tomato resting on your hood -- your car will last forever (of course change your oil every 5k)! I'll be shopping around for the cheapest tire available for my next replacements.

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    I need new tires for my 2005

    I need new tires for my 2005 Prius. Toyota recommended Sumo Tumo; Costco recommended Michelin X-Radial DT.

    Anybody hear of Sumo tumo? or have info about the wear of the Michelin????

    Both are about the same price.

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