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    How do I know how many miles

    How do I know how many miles my 05 Prius tires are warrantied for? I am at 32500 miles and the dealership says they need replaced. If I can get them done under warranty I would be one happy camper. Thanks for any info.

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    I have a 2005 Prius and have

    I have a 2005 Prius and have gone through a total of 8 new tires (the last four I just put on this week are a higher tread quality and wider "footprint"). Toyota is saying they have on record of any complaints about faster tire wear on the front tires. So now I am out $600 plus an alignment. Anyone have any documentation as to how quickly they have gone through tires on the front? Toyota says they have no complaints whatsoever on a "four year old car that has been on the road". I have calls into the local Toyota dealers, but any help from anyone here, would be greatly appreciated.


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    2005 Prius: Front tires

    2005 Prius: Front tires needed replaced at 12,000 miles. They were underinflated when they went in for service so Dealer was not inclined to cover them under warranty.
    At 34,000 miles the rear tires are bald and the front tires not far behind.
    Time to upgrade or perhaps trade in for 2008 with 16' tires. JJK

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    Yes, my 2006 Prius came with

    Yes, my 2006 Prius came with the Goodyear Integrity. I've gotten 42,000 miles and I'm about to replace them. I've noticed the tire pressure comments here....in my situtation I've kept the tires at 35 front and 33-35 on the rear and rotated the tires regularly. I've been a little disappointed on the wet braking performance but I'm not sure if it is the tires or the car in general. Dry braking is great in my view.

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    Is the Michelin -

    Is the Michelin - HydroEdge® a great tire? There is a claim that it is MORE fuel efficient.
    $115.99 ea at Costco along with $60 off a set of 4 Michelin until 6/29/08
    * Tire Size: P185/65R15 86T
    * Item #: 745967
    * Manufacturer's Warranty: 90,000 miles
    Price includes: Shipping & Handling, Mounting, Balancing, Lifetime Services, Nitrogen Inflation, New Rubber Valve Stem, Environmental Tire Disposal, and the Costco Road Hazard Warranty.
    Features & Benefits

    * Lasts Up To 33,000 Miles Longer Versus the Competition*
    MaxTouch Construction™, features a unique contact patch shape that evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering.
    * The Most Fuel-Efficient Tire in the Category†
    EnergySaver Construction™ helps deliver excellent fuel efficiency by requiring less effort from your engine.
    * Better Braking — Up To 14 Feet Shorter Than the Competition
    A silca-based compound and wide center-groove design create a sure-grip tread, helping HydroEdge® tires stopup to 14 feet shorter in wet weather conditions versus the competition.*

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    my 2005 Prius came with

    my 2005 Prius came with Goodyear Integrities [185/65/r15] and at 67k miles they are just needing to be replaced [steel belts are beginning to show on the fronts]....definitely a good value!!! Here's a question, though....could I increase the width to 195 or 205 if i used a lower aspect ratio tire? [i.e. 195/60/r15 instead of 185/65/r15]

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    Each tire has a "revolutions

    Each tire has a "revolutions per mile" rating. It's the number of turns the tires make in 1 mile.

    The vehicle's speedometer and odometer are factory calibrated for a given RPM tire rating.

    Try to make sure your new tires are close to the RPM rating of the FACTORY ORIGINAL tires. Your tire dealer should be able to give you this information.

    If there is a substancial difference in RPM, then the speedometer and odometer will not read accurately.

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    You are confusing rim

    You are confusing rim diameter with tire diameter. To maintain overall tire diameter, an increase in rim diameter is balanced by an increase in tread width and a decrease in aspect ratio. Go to any tire manufacturer's site and look up the specifications on the tire sizes in question. The site typically lists overall diameter and revolutions per mile. Correctly sized, the numbers are nearly identical.

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    Has anyone tried putting

    Has anyone tried putting P185/65's on a classic Prius? The OEM tire is a P175/65. (175 mm across, 65% aspect ratio). I've been told that the larger tire is 1/2" wider in diameter. Both tires sit on 14" rims.

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    Did you gety an answer to

    Did you gety an answer to your question about 195/60 size tires?

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