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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    The Virginia legislature is in session and considering various transportation related bills. Now is the time to ensure that the legislature extends and perpetuates the Virginia HOV waiver for Hybrids. Contact you Delegate!

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    i thoguht the point of HOV lanes was to reduce cars for traffic reasons. An exemption for hybrids would likely cause the lanes to be less usefull and not encourage carpooling. This would make traffic and pollution worse. Seems like a silly idea to me.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    The purpose of the waiver for HOV lane use is to encourage purchases of Alternate Fuel and Hybrid vehicles - no more, no less. It's another way to reward purchasers who need more than fuel economy or lower emissions to justify the additional cost of the vehicle.
    But, since the Feds control most HOV lanes, states can't really do anything without Fed approval.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    The Virginia HOV exemption makes no sense. It isn't based on emissions, just whether the car is a hybrid or not. The non-California version of the HCH and Insight have worse emissions than a lot of regular cars. Giving them an exemption makes the clean fuel plates they are issued a joke.
    I might not have a problem with giving an exemption to truly clean hybrids if the HOVs weren't already overcrowded. But since they are already overcrowded the exemption needs to go. Carpooling is better for congestion and the environment in the long run.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    Driving a Hybrid on HOV lanes is an incentive that should not go away. Count how many HOV violators enter the lanes at Edsall Rd. heading south and compare that number to the number of Hybrids on the lanes at any time. There is madness during the evening hours at the entrance of Edsall Rd. We now have a bottle neck due to the number of violators between Edsall Rd. and Springfield. Also there are a lot of wannabees with these fake blue lights and private plates possing as gov officials. Are these privileged.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    Is there a grassroots group that has been established for the purpose of contacting our delegates?

    My thoery:
    Hybrid owners are more informed than most.
    We are more likely to vote.
    The delegates want to get re-elected.
    The rest of the state doesn't car.
    The delegates that want to get re-elected will work for us if we support them.

    I will support whatever candidate who will keep the exemption from going away. I'm all for the environment and such but, come July 1, 2006 if the exemption goes away, my hybrid might be up for sale. I have nicer cars, but they lack that key feature.

    Let's go folks!!

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    I am all for a it and will support a group that will contest the ending of the hybrid on the HOV lanes. I guess a good question is; what will Honda and Toyota will say whenever revenues decline and they see all these hybrids on sale? I wonder if they are willing to support hybrid owners?

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    "The non-California version of the HCH and Insight have worse emissions than a lot of regular cars."

    Oh really?? I think I'd like to see some hard proof on that point.

    While I'm at it, might as well comment on the whole HOV thing, even though they really don't have many in the Cincinnati area. What is the purpose of the HOV lanes. Is it to reduce pollution? Or it is to reduce congestion?

    I can think of instances where both purposes could be defeated. Of course, if Virginia is trying to reduce congestion, then mass transit systems should have exclusive access to these lanes, and they should be called mass transit lanes. On the other hand, if Virginia is trying to simply reduce pollution, then perhaps not only allowing hybrid vehicles, but ALL vehicles that meet lower emissions standards, such as the ULEV standard, should be allowed into these lanes, and they should be called LEV lanes, or something to that effect.

    It is interesting to note that mass transit buses are some of the dirtiest vehicles on the road, and they are readily allowed onto the HOV lanes, as are diesel-powered Mack trucks who happen to have more that one person in the cab. Doesn't sound to me like Virginia is encouraging cleaner emissions...sounds to me like they're encouraging dirtier vehicles to carry more people.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    The fundamental purpose of HOV lanes is to reduce congestion. Getting fewer emissions as a result of fewer vehicles on the road is simply a nice by-product.

    Even though I have a hybrid vehicle that would qualify for HOV lane use, I think it's stupid to allow hybrids in HOV lanes. Congestion doesn't get any better by me moving into the HOV lane from the regular lanes--it's still a car on the road. Congestion only improves by reducing the number of vehicles.

    Virginia is the only state where you can go solo in the HOV lane with a hybrid, and yet the demand nationwide for hybrids is clearly there. So you don't need the HOV incentive--people are already on waiting lists just to get their hybrids.

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    Hybrid HOV Waiver in Virginia

    Tim: If you want proof that the HCH and Insight emissions are worse than a lot of normal cars then look up their ratings. In 2004, the Civic and Insight versions sold outside CARB states were rated Tier2 bin9. Bin 9 gets dropped for model year 2007 since it is considered too dirty. There are a ton of regular cars out there that are much cleaner than bin 9. The Acura MDX is bin 5. The proof isn't hard to find for those willing to accept the facts. The Accord hybrid also has a poor rating. There are regular Accords that are cleaner. So, the hybrid ememption in VA for "clean fuel" cars is being given to cars that aren't even cleaner than plenty of other cars already on the road. Brilliance!
    HOV lanes were designed to get cars off the road and reduce congestion. This exemption is an incentive to drive alone in a car that isn't necessarily helping air quality.

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