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    Volvo XC90 SUV Hybrid???

    we saw volvo suv deisels while on a trip to iceland...toyotas as well...icelanders love the good gas milage...

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    Volvo XC90 SUV Hybrid???

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    It's depressing to see some

    It's depressing to see some of these posts form 2/3 years ago and still nothing from Volvo. I live in Manhattan and we have 2 volvos XC and station wagon. Our lease i up on the XC90 and really want a greener car. We LOVE our volvos but we just test drove the Highlander. We like the Volvo much better but at this point we all have to think not only about the "me" factor. I am convinced that if Volvo came out with a hybrid for a family of 5 it would fly. Everyone complains about the huge gas guzzling SUVs in America, but when you have 3 kids and car pool to sports practices, schools or kids parties, there are just little to no alternatives. Amy guidance here?

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    I wouldn't count on Volvo.

    I wouldn't count on Volvo. They've never been known for good gas mileage, preferring extreme safety to fuel economy. Also, they're owned by Ford, the company that has barely advertised their hybrids up until recently so I wouldn't count on any hybrid too soon. Volve had a good concept hybrid a while ago but it was a small, 3-seater.
    The best thing you can get with reasonable space for carrying is the HiHy which, of course, you've already looked into.
    Remember that the car companies don't want anything with an electric drivetrain and they will only build something if they feel they have to. Demand what you want from them and hopefully, eventually, they will provide it.

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    I'm an American. I live in

    I'm an American. I live in California, and I'll tell you right now that I Hate with a passion gas guzzlers and gasoline period. I want to drive an electric car. I bought the Volvo XC90 for safety reasons, but I'm either going to have it converted to be an electric car and just through away that damn gasoline engine altogether(maybe I'll donate the gas engine to a college so they can study the outdated, internal combustion engine), and put batteries. AltAirNano has a nice system going with those batteries, that's for sure. That or maybe for now, I'll just convert the vehicle to run on natural gas. Volvo should be offering the XC90 with the choice of using both fuels. CNG or Gasoline. I hate being stuck with a car that just uses gasoline, that really makes me mad. I might just sell that XC90, and buy an electric car. I wish the Aptera Plug-In Hybrid was available now. I really like the look of that car. Now that's innovative. And people say the Prius was different. not when compared to the Aptera style.

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    Volvo is considered Green.

    Volvo is considered Green. This is why they do not have a hybrid yet, as no compmany has come up with a way to recycle the battery.

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    Marnie, All automotive

    All automotive batteries (including old fashioned lead acid starter batteries) are recycled. Very few hybrid propulsion batteries have actually been recycled because very few have gone bad yet.
    Why recycle things that are still in use.
    The nickle content in hybrid propulsion batteries is sufficiently valuable that it would be ludicrous NOT to recycle them.

    Where did you dig up this awful myth that they are not recycled?

    By the way, Rednecks drive 20mpg gas guzzling pickup trucks under the excuse that they are safer and more useful, Liberal urbanites drive 20mpg gas guzzling Volvos under the excuse that they are safer and more useful. I fail to see the difference personally.

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