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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    American flag
    adorns your giant bumper.
    Do you love this land?

    Ensconced in silence
    I pause a moment, and breath.
    Traffic light turns green.

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Take 5 (haikus) in 10 (minutes):

    What can I do now
    Little me, no impact yet
    ECO CAR's for me

    My Insight rocks Earth
    It travels lightly even
    I still drive less now

    Why not hybridize
    The whole dam planet even
    It's get a clue time

    Hybrid brings a chance
    To make a difference earthly
    This planet's our home

    How apropos now
    a Haiku for a Hybrid
    My Japanese car

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    paradigm shift car
    Insight: truly the real deal
    my MPG champ

    Hy there hybrid car
    are you the future pathway
    to cut greenhouse gas

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    So Fresh and so Clean
    No pollution around me
    I love my hybrid

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Shrub blocks my way home
    Try to start my car with sun
    How will I come home

    Dreaming of freedom
    My car takes me far away
    Using less gas smile

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Gas and Electric
    Hybrids we should contemplate
    fuel for the debate

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Man with a Prius
    Drives past many a gas station
    And smiles to himself

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    electricity and gas.
    together, a car.

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Move, SUV fool!
    Blocking two lanes, guzzling gas.
    Hybrid wants to pass.

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Perhaps it exists
    The choice between hate and love
    I choose hybrid hope.

    Elegant lines slim
    My gentle motor hums within
    Prescious air outside.

    You are less than you
    Large SUV next to me
    Were meant to believe

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