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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    well excuse me for not reading all post before asking such a silly question about enviromental
    clean up of smashed batteries. Aparently NIMH
    is 100% non toxic.
    I just hope that the people with more brains than I
    will get this figured out soon,b/c the cost of driving is killing my pay check.


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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    How about a 50 MPG diesel hybrid - for $20,000?


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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Dana, Opel / Vauxhall (General Motors indeed) has developed a concept Astra with the 1.7 CDTI 16v. (TDI) and two electric engines with 125bhp. I think it was presented at the 2005 Detroit Motor Show.
    I guess there will be TDI-electric hybrid cars in the future, at least in Europe, where Diesel cars are sold more than Petrol ones (for instance, in Spain 65% of cars sold in 2004 were diesel, and 60% in Italyˇ).

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    i have been driving vw diesel since 1977 of various designs from rabbit to dasher and by the way the dasher wagon in 79- 80 would give you 45-55 mpg if you have low drag high tire pressure set timing higher then you see a large increase mpg up to 65-70 but enough of this have converted vw to ev useing .rabbit and p/u truck 28 hp elect m and 120 volts of 6 vbatt ev 205 from chloride and the best i can get is 76 miles on a charge
    but thats ok since i use solar power to charge batt,.
    but the way to go is still vw diesel all things equal

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    didn't get to read every post, but a friend of mine is a sales manager for Mercedes. He recently told me that Merc. is focusing on Diesel and turbo diesel. 38% increase in MPG over gasoline enguines. Also mentioned that there is a new emission controller on there diesel enguines not available in the US that eliminated and emissions totally. But for whatever reason they haven't been able to introduce them to the US market due to regulations. the muffler supposedly has a acid which reacts with the exhaust, inturn eliminating the exhaust. I don't see Hybrids being practical presently. cost is to high to counter your fuel savings. I will probably buy a used TDI for now. and in South Florida diesel gas costs about 7-10 cents more than regular gasoline.

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    I feel I have to put in my 2 cents in, I have a VW Beetle Diesel, and absolutely LOVE it! It has plenty of power, doesn't polute as much as a gas auto, and gets GREAT milage-40-45 mpg! I will be getting the conversion kit when available to be able to run on the Biodiesel. The diesel engine was originally developed with G. W. Carver's assistance, to run on NON-fossel fuels! Why hasen't it been made available before now??? Oil company greed? I gotta wonder.

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Bio-Diesel with UREA Injection - 80% pollution reduction. Honda proto-type engine, cleaner air
    out the exhaust compared to the lab air in! Hydrogen vehicles - another government project
    to waste money on. Why convert to pressured
    tanks and specialized vehicles, when modification
    of existing would make more sense. Driving spewing polluting, guzzling gas, insurance risks - is
    not our right. We need to wise up to that fact.
    Slow down long enough to look at the long term
    effects and see what can be done to protect the
    only planet option we have and insure our children a decent place to live. My Hybrid and I are done

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    What is the replacement interval for the battery pack (maintenance schedule)?

    What is the fee charged for disposal of the spent battery pack?

    How many hours labor on the part of the service shop are req'd for the job?

    What is the cost for the new battery pack that will replace the spent one?

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    I've found this site to be very helpful. I'm considering buying my first super high fuel economy vehicle and have been debating the hybris vs diesel options. One thing I haven't yet seen however in this string of information. Can anybody tell me how often the batteries must be replaced in hybrids and the cost of replacement? I've heard stories of thousands of dollars every six years or so. Is that true?

    By the way...the holy grail of clean energy for transportation is fuel cells that recieve their hydrogen from NUCLEAR FUSION (not the nasty fission of today). My understanding is that this is still decades away and has been worked on for decades by the U.S., Japan, Europe and the former Soviet Union. It seems to me that if we're going to spend billions of tax payer dollars, this would be a far more noble effort for the masses than spending up to a trillion dollars (a thousand billion) on going to the moon and Mars.

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Batteries should last the life of the car.

    It depends on the car, too.

    Toyota can't be driven with a flat battery and Honda can.

    That was a big factor in my HCH purchase as I plan to drive mine well in excess of 300K miles.

    You may not know that the battery is warrantied to 10 yr/150K miles.

    Some states it is automatic, other states the warranty 7yr/100k miles.
    I purchased an extended warranty to 10/150.

    The six year life expectancy is a false rumour.

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