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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Hot_Georgia ...I opened the links and I loved
    the picture of the guy who was fired from the ethanol
    plant. Ialso noticed the claimed mpg numbers, but
    I pay more attention to numbers reported by
    newsmedia and auto testers who actually take the
    cars on a realistic driving tgest and measure gallons used. I belive this apply wheter it is a diesel,gas or
    hybrid cars. How do we know if those posting are
    really measued while driving normally or of they
    rely on a highly inaccurater dash meter.

    "Look around you. You are the only one causing trouble
    on this board"

    Next time u brush your teeth u will see another one.
    Just look around you and especially what u have written
    about diesels over the past months. Look who is talking.
    Must admit that you are on much better level than
    the guy who wrote this. "Cheating on taxes in this country is more serious than in Europe but you are basically too much of an idiot to understand that.

    Simply stated, you are going to get into trouble."

    Do u have any comment on above statement
    Hot_Georgia or do "understand" MOS for being
    frustrated driving a techology that is much less
    promising that anticipated?

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate


    Any comments on this link?

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    I just knew Hot_Georgia would not comment.
    Forget about MOS. Maybe he realized he went
    overboard with calling names?

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Since this is on the HybridCars site, I'm sure most all of you are hybrid fans.

    Hybrid vs. Diesel. In the long run the diesel will win. Get mad if you like but the truth will come out. I have 30 years experience with PLC's, electricial and electronics, I see the Hybrid becoming a big problem for owners in a very short time (6 to 10 years). Gas cars are bad enough now, how many tiimes have you heard stories where the Dealer couldn't figure out what's wrong with a gas car, add all the controls and hardware that it takes to add electrical drive to a car and what do you have? An extremely complex machine that has batteries that are built to fail.

    I think the Government is steering people in the wrong direction. (i.e. tax credits, etc) but it's only money. Our lawmakers have no idea of the cost to the puplic is going to be or what will happen soon enough. So how many miles do you think your Hybrid will go? 100,000... 200,000... 300,000 before the cost of repair is greater than it's worth?

    Good luck if you have a Hybrid and love it, I am happy for you. If you want to fight and argue over something lets make it worth while. Crime, drugs that tearing our Country apart, illegal alien's, the general demise of Morals in the USA.

    Thanks for listening.
    Mike (yes, I am a diesel guy. 5 total)
    "In God We Trust".

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Do hybrib owners really know how economical their car realy is In the lateist issue of the English magazine of What Car? they named the worst offender of quoating a higher mpg then their published figures at a difference of neary 15 mpg which left mpg at 52 now my Skoda Octaiva(TDI the same one as in the Jetta, Golf and beetle) a reskinned Golf gets around 57 according to the dash. And another thing bio-diseal actualy realies very little CO2 because the plants used in making the fuel soak in all the CO2 used in combustion

    And one last queation how economical would a hybrid be without the extra weight of the batteries

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Mr. Blah,

    You didn't say which car they name the worst offender...

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Diesel > Hybrid.

    End of debate.

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    I think hydrogen has them both beat if we built the nuclear reacters to produce the hydrogen. Check out United Nuclear site. We need to build and develop fision/fusion reacters to use up the waste from fusion reactors. France grinds their spent fuel rods and reuses them. Get them colliders fired up and figure this out. Any car can run on Hydrogen, and the emmision is water. The new storage tanks are safe. We are going to build new nuclear plants to curb our oil needs. I would much rather have a nuclear power plant then the nasty coal plants now here. Miner can switch to better jobs at the reacter site then the terrible mines. Remember no US nuclear plant failed ever, even 30 and 40 years past their design life. Three Mile Island did not fail. It shut down just like it was supposed to, and could have been cleaned up and used again had it not been for the media's half truths. Nuclear Reactors have redundancy systems that prevents disasters. Now the Chernobyl mess was an engineering nightmare. Russia really messed up by poor design and execution.

    Second Bio-Diesel and Cellulous E-85 are the best choices since the money stays here in our economy. There is no oil shortage there is a refinery shortage. Our Attorney General said it is alright for the gas refineries to hold back production to increase revenues. When the E-85 and bio diesel go full swing they will take at least 50% of the fuel market in about 5 years. Then you will see a price drop. The good news is E-85 and Bio-Diesel revenues stay in our economy. E-85 does not get the same mileage as gas, but produces more horsepower, and at a lower cost per gallon when cellulous tech. is used. The Arabs kinda talked us into not building refineries, and the nimby's caused this mess. Oil has a storage problem. It is fine in the ground, but once out of the ground the problem begins in the line. All we would have to do to back up the oil is to re-instate blue laws on Sunday for about two months and the oil would back up all the way back to the wellhead. Oil is plentiful now! The problem is with the holding back of gas at the refineries. WE NEED MORE US BUILT REFINERIES FOR ETHANOL, BIO-DIESEL, AND GAS. PLUS WE NEED TO EMBRACE NUCLEAR & ION-GENORATERS.

    Hybrids are ok except when you figure in the price of replacing the battery at 100,000 miles. A Ford Escape battery is $6000.00. Also how green are these batteries. There wil be a lot of them.

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate

    Re hydrogen cars. If all cars on the road in rush
    traffic were hydrogen cars and they all emit
    water or vapor. Would we then be driving in fog
    all the time or wet roads?

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    Hybrid vs. Diesel Debate


    While I'm no fan of hydrogen cars (and I have been part of a hydrogen fuel cell design team), they aren't likely to emit much more H20 than a CNG car since CNG gets most of its energy from the Hydrogen. It will also not emit much more H20 than a normal ICE since much of the gasoline is Hydrogen as well. The other energy in gasoline and CNG is carbon which is emitted as CO2.
    I could go on forever with the problems of hydrogen but let's start a new topic if you want to discus this.

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