"Number two, your claim of NIMH battery packs containing toxic cores is AN OUTRIGHT LIE!!!!! I get very tired of lying scumbags like you making shit up like that only because you're just too stupid to find the facts. NIMH is 100% non-toxic. I'm going to repeat this 100 times to try to help you out. "

I'm a certified firefighter with Hybrid vehicle fire and rescue training as well as hazardous material training. I couldn't just let this misinformation stand, because I believe people should be properly informed. Half of the things I see could be avoided if people just took some time to learn a little bit more about what's going on with stuff. NiMH batteries contain KOH as the electrolyte solution. Potassium hydroxide is poisonous, causes burns to skin and eyes, affects soil and groundwater ph and reacts fairly poorly to being involved in a fire. I wouldn't suggest you eat it or handle it and neither does anyone who knows anything about it. It probably wouldn't be good just let it sit around in the environment either. I researched it in 5 minutes and provided sources. Anyone expecting to be taken seriously, with a point to make, needs to do the same.

Check out the basic information:

Scroll down to Potassium Hydroxide solution and click link:
(this one is in the standard for responding to Haz-Mat emergencies-- note the word TOXIC right at the top)

And for real information about biodiesel, including EPA stuff, check out: