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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Yes there are waiting lists. This is just another way to get the consumers to create anticipation and hype about the new Hybrid cars. By 2007 you will see almost EVERY automaker with their own hybrid model. Now in Southern California, cars such as the Prius and Honda Accord Hybrid have to be preordered. While the price tag is substantially higher than the regular models the smooth ride, environmental friendlieness and fuel economy is enough to get you to overlook price.


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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Make a cost comparision with Non-Hypbride and Hypbride car:
    the total expense for non-hybride car cost:
    Non-Hybride-car=regular car+gas
    the total expense for hybride car cost:
    Hybride-car=Non-hybride+hybride expense+gas/2
    I'd say the Hybride-car > Non-Hybride car. The manufactures make a good deal here, and the consumers are the loser. However, we have a better environment at our cost.
    I'd wait a little longer.

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Apparently well worth the wait.

    This vehicle is so advanced and has so many innovative features, it will take a while to be fully appreciated.

    Bet GM and Ford are wetting their pants.


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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Can anyone confirm if the prices listed on this page are correct? I does not seem like it will be $53k as stated earlier. According to my cost analysis it will be well below $40k for a fully loaded vehicle. I priced mine at $37k (including DVD, navigation, leather, moon roof, cd-changer). A great deal indeed !!


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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    No dealer that I talked to would even guess about the price. Only one wanted a deposit, several were simply taking names. I'm hoping that you're price estimate is right on. I'm interested in a model with a few less features, and I'm hoping to pay $35k max. I think a lot of people are a little confused between this one and the Lexus. It wouldn't surprise me if the Lexus is in the $50k range.

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I don't currently own a Hybrid. I was until recently very interested in the upcoming Toyota Highlander, when I read the combined gas mileage would only be 28 mpg. I also read that Toyota would be coming out sometime soon with their minivan (Sienna). It is suppose to get over 40 mpg. I prefer the Highlander, but if the Sienna get better, than I'll wait a while longer.
    Anyone know when the Sienna will be out as a Hybrid?

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I wish they'd make a hybrid version of the 4Runner. It would make me soooo happy. But, I guess the 4Runner is too big an SUV to make into a hybrid at this point. I haven't heard anything about a Sienna hybrid. But, it would definitely be interesting to see how Toyota plans on expanding it's hybrid technology into their current models. Anyone have any info on this? How about some Toyota insiders ...

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Chatted with a Toyota dealer in Denver this weekend; they've got about 20 names on a waiting list for the hybrid Highlander. He said they're waiting for their demo model, but don't expect to actually deliver Highlanders to clients until July/Aug. And, according to the salesman, the Highlanders offered this year will be fully loaded and he guestimated the price would be approx $40K.

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I talked w/a Lexus dealer last year, they had a list going for the RX400h and the salesman guessed there would be a $3-5K premium over the RX330.

    My wife talked to a Toyota salesman this weekend, he told her to expect about $32K for the Highlander Hybrid. I wasn't there, but that sounds low to me. However, this dealership has a short list ($500 down makes us #2), with a full refund if we decide against it so we'll see how it works out.

    I'm going to check prices for both cars. While the RX400h will have a higher base price, Lexus also comes with more stuff standard and they have a better warranty than Toyota, so it may be worth it.

    The problem, of course, as many have stated, is that you have no bargaining power in this kind of market. Waiting a year or two may be smart, but I have a new kid and want the convenience, I just can't bring myself to spend what amounts to the same money on a regular SUV with their truly horrible gas mileage.

    Don't forget, the govt just extended the $2K tax credit for hybrids. They actually have a list, unfortunately neither of these vehicles is on it, yet.


    Happy shopping.

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Are you in California, Chuck, or anywhere near CA? I'd love to know which dealer only has 2 people on their list and a $500 deposit! I'm 20-somethingth on 3 or 4 lists around the Central Coast, I could have paid $500 to be on a list in LA, but I would have been around #150.

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