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    Civic/Accord Hybrids...

    I am looking for owners of Civic/Accord Hybrids that live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I work for a local municipal government and we have two events annually that need hybrid owners to come and talk about their hybrid cars with the general public. I have a group of Prius owners that have participated in teh past and would love to have Honda Hybrids out at the events also. Please contact me for more information. tonyhan@juno.com Thank You. Tony.

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    I would gladly drive down

    I would gladly drive down from Canada in a Dump Truck, with my Civic Hybrid in the back! [I would burn less fuel in the Dump Truck]... and I would gladly tell the Texans and everyone in between, not to trust the HYbrid. It is a sorry car, sorry excuse for a car Technicians are so poorly trained, can't diagnose problems, keep guessing. And the consumer is left with headaches. Honda Canada has lost big time on this one! And they now have lost my family as customers. Goodbye Honda, hello Domestic.

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    I have to agree. My Civic

    I have to agree. My Civic Hybrid has been a failure after the first servicing... I got more MPGs in my Toyota Camry and my Impala. I'll never make this mistake again. Honda really goofed on this one.

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