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Thread: Hybrid Kits

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    Hybrid Kits

    I have an old front wheel drive saab and would like to convert it into a hybrid.
    Are there any conversion kits? Would converting a regular honda into a hybrid be hard?
    I think people would buy conversion kits if somebody makes them, especialy with these dwindling oil supplys.

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    Hybrid Kits

    if you scan through some of the message boards here, there is a link to something called an "electrocharger" that adds an electric boost motor in with the alternator/accessory belt.

    Keep in mind, however, that these types of items most likely will not improve fuel efficiency much. They are designed more for performance increases, and there are more efficiency-boosting features built into production hybrid cars than just the electric portion of the hybrid engine. Aerodynamics, cylinder-deactivation, and weight-reduction are among the most effective of the efficiency-boosting features of hybrid cars, and were probably not considered nearly to the extent that they were on vehicles like the Escape and the Insight.

    When I find the link, I will post it. I would like to give credit where credit is due, and someone else brought that link to the table, so if that person could post the link, I would appreciate it.

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    Hybrid Kits

    I too am interested in a hybrid conversion kit. It would appear that the market is ready for something like this, given the rising cost of fuel.

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    Hybrid Kits

    I would be interested in learning about a conversion kit as well. I looked at the Electrocharger and it looks like a little bit of a scam as it claims to increase acceleration by 3 seconds among other things which is just ridiculous. However, I would be very interested in finding some way to convert an old diesel engine to hybrid if possible and combine it with a veggie engine. I don't know if that's possible or not as I have seen no diesel hybrids anywhere but if you could do that you would have a very effecient pollution free vehicle.

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    Hybrid Kits

    I don't know anything about Electrocharger, however, the increase in acceleration is not an unreasonable claim, in fact, I am continually disappointed by hybrid systems that don't increase performance since the performance increase comes almost for free ($ and economy) with the addition of an electric drivetrain. There is no excuse for the Prius or HCH outperforming any V6 powered sedan except that Honda and Toyota still want everyone to believe that electric propulsion is for golf carts.
    Just watch for the Tesla unveiling next month (0-60 in under 4 sec and effectively 177 mpg - if electricity is generated by gasoline)

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    Hybrid Kits

    I think they are concerned with conserving the energy in the battery as you are only charging it a little at a time. Acceleration takes a lot of energy so if you were going to make a car that accelerated much more quickly it would eat that up more quickly as well. Also, as far as the added performance of the eltrocharger is concerned the type of performance they are talking about is very unrealistic. If it could increase the 0-60 time of any vehicle by three whole seconds it would be in every high performance vehicle on the market. That would mean that a car like a Viper would go 0-60 in virtually no time at all. It's just impossible.

    I am however interested in hearing about a real kit if there is one out there.

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    Hybrid Kits

    The Electrocharger for the aftermarket is almost complete. We are anticipating our final prototypes by year end. The Switched Reluctance technology has caused us considerable engineering and development time, but we are finally coming to the end of the tunnel. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me currently at mvs@automotivecomposites.com. The company name that we will be under when we bring the product to market is Nextronics, Inc.

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    I have been looking for a

    I have been looking for a Hybrid Electric kit for about any can but without luck. However the componets a rather simple and I think that a guy with a few bucks and some knowledge of mechanics might be able to create his own hybrid system. The difficulty would be in cost and vehicle space and gvwr. Batteries are heavy but cheep; maybe $1000-$2000 for one car. Ultacapacitors might do a fine job but for a high price of $10,000 up for one car. The generator-motor could possibly be "home made" if you have access to a foundry, or could make molten iron, copper and steel, and a lathe but extreem pricision would be needed! Also you would need to find a good way to connect it to the vehicle drive line. A rear wheel might be easier because the generator-motor could be placed on the drive shaft and could be opperated with the gasoline motor turned off and the manual transmission in neutral. Some heavy-duty electical systems and you're set.

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    I have a Saab 95 wagon, and

    I have a Saab 95 wagon, and recently introduced a electrolisis unit into the air intake, providing more oxygen, and hydrogen from water. I have a 30% increase in milage, and now get arrounf 1100km/tank of gas. The kit cost about 250 to make, and it was simple to install myself. Absolutely a surprise.

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    Hi there, I have a blog that

    Hi there, I have a blog that is exactly about this, driving hybrid cars and do it yourself step by step instructions. You will find lots of useful information there
    Take care!

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