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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Before entering, read the details about the Hybku Contest at:


    Haiku basics: 3 lines. 5 syllables on first line, 7 on second, and 5 on third line.

    I'll start the ball rolling with two entries:

    Bumper to bumper
    Big fat cars spew noxious fumes
    My hybrid is hushed

    SUV driver
    Says donít forget nine one one
    Buys sixty bucks of gas

    Okay, so I used six syllables in the final line. I'm sure you can do better. Good luck, hybrid car bards.

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Hybrid city drive
    Through traffic: stop, slow and go
    Buy gas once a month

    I love my hybrid
    Fifty miles per gallon
    In the car pool lane

    Gas AND electric
    The best of both worlds
    Clever, these car folks

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Heavy footed drive
    You just waste more gas too fast
    hybrid or are ass

    I think that is 5 7 5?

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Clean air shrinking fast
    hybrids drive so we survive
    poison breeds through much greed

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    My hybrid is cool.
    Or do the kids now say
    ďMy hybrid is hot?Ē

    Gas price? I donít care.
    Five hundred miles per tank
    Makes it worthwhile.

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Hummers are bummers
    They suck up all air, unfair
    hybrids clean and care

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Fuel economy
    sucking us high, gas dry
    electric survive

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    Scratch last post it wasnt five seven five

    Fuel economy
    sucking us high, gas is dry
    electric survive

    thats better

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    The wheels on the screen
    go around and around while
    energy abounds

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    Hybku (Hybrid Poetry) Contest

    These are a little depressing but I'll try to remedy that next time.....if I have can.

    SUV drivers:
    What is that sad sound I hear?
    Soldiers are dying.

    SUV drivers:
    What is that new sound I hear?
    Children have asthma.

    SUV drivers:
    Why can you not change your ways?
    Think of others, please.

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