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    hybrid part suppliers

    if one wanted to invest in this growing business, is there a supplier that has a lock on some specific part of the hybrid system?
    a company that will benefit when Honda, Toyota, and Ford expand their production?

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    hybrid part suppliers

    nice thought! how about a hybrid car mutual fund? collectively invest in a group of companies related & involved in this technology!

    see ya


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    hybrid part suppliers

    Do anyone have any names of companies that supply critical components to hybrid car manufacturers?

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    hybrid part suppliers

    I don't know anyone other than Sanyo. The motor companies don't release that information and the agreements with most of the companies don't permit them to say who they are providing parts to. Often you can tell from the service parts packaging or ID on the part who made it, if it was outside the motor company.
    I suspect you would have to look at the annual reports of the major tier1 suppliers to the auto companies for hints as to the types of parts produced. Many will be produced by the motor companies themselves. They make their own starters, alternators, computers, etc. so electric motors and controllers may not be a big deal to manufacture.

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    hybrid part suppliers

    The batteries are being made by Sanyo (Ford) and Matsushita (Toyota) AFAIK.

    Aisin is making the hybrid drive components for Ford. It has been reported that they are also making the Prius drive components but that's been discounted elsewhere.

    Denso (Japanese Bosch) also has a big hand in the Prius, I don't know their level of involvement in other makes.

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    hybrid part suppliers

    Steve, thanks for the update. I was able to find
    "Toshiba will supply the motors to Aisin AW Co., an auto-parts maker in central Japan, which supplies parts mostly to Toyota Motor Corp., Japan's top automaker, and, more recently, Ford." on Planet Save.com.
    Ford has a $1,000 core charge on the Hybrid battery pack, so they won't wind up in a land fill.

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