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    I have a 2002 Toyota Prius,

    I have a 2002 Toyota Prius, and it doesnt start, I want to know can I jumpstart the regular battery to charge the car.

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    nana, You can jump start it

    You can jump start it like any other car. Check your owners manual.

    I also found this reference on the Toyota web site:
    "Simply connect the cable clamps to access points under the hood (which are connected to the auxiliary battery near the cargo area) and energize the computer. Then press the Start button to turn the car on. Please see your Owner's Manual for further instructions."

    I also find a generic video on youtube that shows how to jumpstart a car.

    In the video it says to let it stay connected for about 5 minutes. That will not be necessary in the Prius. You'll probably be able to get it started more quickly than that.

    Good luck and write back if you get stuck.
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    Bought a 1985 pop up camper

    Bought a 1985 pop up camper and want to tow it with my 08 Highlander Hybrid. The pop up has a battery inside that we can use to plug in small appliances. Has anyone used a battery isolator with their hybrid to "charge" another battery?

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