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    Cruise control isn't efficient (Escape)

    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd make some observations.

    I recently took a road-trip to Vegas. Gas mileage was approx. 28-29mpg on the way there. The hills really killed my mileage.

    Most of the way there I used manual acceleration with some cruise control. I got there using 2/3 of a tank and had about 197 miles left over when I got there.

    On the way back, I set the cruise control for 70-75. My average mileage was approx. 25mpg.

    What I noticed is that the cruise control will burn up gas to keep you at a certain speed and then use some gas on downhills to make sure u don't go over the speed also.

    On manual control, I tend to coast more to maintain a smooth feel and worry less about hitting an exact speed.

    I've also noticed this on the LA freeways which have slight hills that throw off the cruise control.

    My typical LA commute is about 60-70 miles per day. I average 33 mph per tank of gas.

    When I let myself get stuck in freeway traffic, I have gotten 40-41 mpg on 2 occasions!!

    It's hard to do, however, because the gas engine will typically come on to re-charge the batteries.

    I also find that one tip is NOT to baby the Escape. If you take longer to accelerate from a start you seem to use more gas for a longer period of time. Accelerate normally up to your cruise speed and then coast or if stuck in slow traffic just coast.

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    Cruise control isn't efficient (Escape)

    "What I noticed is that the cruise control will burn up gas to keep you at a certain speed"

    Cruise control can benefit a person who knows little about driving for efficiency, but as you have observed is not the most efficient possible.

    With the exception of those who are fortunate to live in a flat state, the hyper milers keep it switched off.

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    Cruise control isn't efficient (Escape)

    I've also noticed net changes in elevation from start to destination yield changes in mpg. On our thanksgiving trip from sea level in NJ to the mountains of PA we got lower mpg on the way there than the return trip.

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    Cruise control isn't efficient (Escape)

    i see net changes having an affect all the time. i worked at a place where going TO work i got 53 MPG, coming home more like 42 MPG. i live in hilly areas and they account for more variations in mileage then most anything else. it's hard to nail down driving pattern upgrades while driving uphill...

    see ya

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    Cruise control isn't efficient (Escape)

    I use the cruise on my Escape all the time and it works fine for me on the flat (or slightly hilly). My highway is about 28 mph which for a hybrid truck is reasonable when you consider the higher wind resistance values. For hybrids open road mph will always be lower then city driving.

    My experience with trucks and cruise control (my last one was a Jimmy) is that it just doesn respond quick enough for real hilly terrain.

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