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    Escape HEV GPS comments

    Thought I'd write a bit about the GPS. I've got a Magellan Roadmate 700 and it's awesome. The GPS that comes with the Escape doesn't have as good audio prompts, user interface, and the maps don't scroll smoothly. Sometimes the system lags when it's re-drawing a map or loading it from the CD.

    On the plus side, it seems to have a much more powerful receiver. I was just in Vegas and the GPS had signal inside the casino parking lots where my Magellan lost reception.

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    Escape HEV GPS comments

    The Visteon system (they make the Nav radio and several other parts of the Escape Hybrid) does not have as nice a user interface as the "classic" Prius, and the maps seem a little less detailed. However I do like that you can change the orientation of the map from fixed to relative, a feature I've not found on our Prius.

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    Escape HEV GPS comments

    Very pleased so far with the Escape Hybrid voice prompt GPS. Easy to program and fun in that I let it choose routes and I got to New York City from Rochester, NY in 5.5 hrs vs about 7 hours with the best route I had tried previously. The screen is a little small but the voice prompts are excellent

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