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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    I ordered a Ford Escape Hybrid from a Nevada dealership in mid-September. NO ONE, not Ford, not the salesperson, not the sales manager, can seem to even guess at an ETA on my vehicele.

    Thanks to this site I at least know that Ford is doing two production runs -- one small run that is already completed and another one.........sometime.

    Have any of you with Escapes on order been given as Estimated Time of Arrival? It is very frustrating that I cannot even get someone to give me an estimated MONTH when I might expect my new vehicle. And, for my 16 year old niece, it is even more frustrating, since she is getting my current SUV ;-)

    Any info anyone may have would be appreciated!

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    Kim - Your dealership can only guess when Ford might produce your unit. Their guess will be more precise if they know how many they have been allocated and the priority they ordered yours under vs. the others that they have ordered.

    First, the dealership has to pass their certification for Sales and Service and pruchase the special service tools before they can have the order scheduled. Are they certified yet?

    Second, since only 16,000 will be allocated to certified dealers for production January through July (est.), the average dealership will only get 4 or 5 for the year. Smaller dealerships may get 1 or 2 and larger dealerships 6 or 8. How many do they believe they will get for the 2005 model year? Their Field rep has given them a close number.

    The date the order was submitted to Ford and the priority placed on the order will determine your placement in their allocation. Were you first in? Second? Was your order placed as a retail order (as opposed to a stock order)? Were other orders given a lower priority number than your unit (lower means schedule me quicker)?

    Next - the Nav. system has been running short supply. If you ordered it, that might slow down your order a bit.

    If they were allocated 3 and your order was number 5 and it has a higher priority number than the others, they don't know when or "IF" it will be produced. If they were allocated 1 and you are it, every dealership should have at least one unit produced in Jan or Feb.

    Don't you wish you would have asked these questions when you were ordering?

    I'm in the same boat as you. Waiting with no production schedule. Good luck!

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    is there a back out clause on your order? i would think there is a reasonable waiting period but if there ends up to be no estimated time of delivery you can't continue being held finacially, can you?

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    I can get my deposit back, but don't want it back. Three years ago I told everyone I knew that I was going to buy the first hybrid SUV on the market, and I still feel that way.

    The dealer I purchased from is a local, certified hybrid dealer. I live in Nevada, and don't want to purchase from a dealer in California. I truly believe this is the best local dealer to buy from, as they were the ONLY one even remotely responsive to my request to place an order. I was the third person to order from them. (It's a custom, not stock, order. Figured if I was going to get a new hybrid, I wanted EVERYTHING, plus the color I chose!)

    If I get curious enough, Red, I'll ask about this dealer's allocation. However, since I'm not going to go with someone else, it's not that big of deal to me. I found an Escape on the lot of a California dealer when I was in the Bay Area at Christmas. I was excited to see one, but did not take the salesman up on his offer to purchase it, as I do want to buy locally and it didn't have all of the options on it that I wanted.

    I'm most curious as to when Ford is going to start production of the next batch, though. Can't seem to get the Ford "Relationship Center" to give me an answer to that question. I am highly tempted to call Mary Ann Wright, the Chief Engineer of the Hybrid and the Director of Sustainable Vehicle Technology at Ford. (Anyone know how to get contact info for her?)

    Thanks for letting me vent............at this point I'm hoping to have my hybrid by summer!

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    Kim - Kansas City is producing as of today. Orders are in the system for production through the week of Jan. 31.
    The Customer Relationship Center doesn't have production information. It's their job to take down your question/issue and transmit it back to your dealer for handling. IF you are no. 3 on their list and they havn't given someone ordering later than you a lower priority, you should be in good shape.
    Ford is producing FEH's for all dealers now, based on their allocation and priorities. Calling anyone at Ford Motor Company might be an experience, but it won't give you answers that only your selling dealership knows.

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    I was told by my dealer that dealerships with a lot of business get their cars the fastest. I don't know what the logic is, other than rewarding high selling dealerships. I was lucky and purchased from the largest retailer of hybrid escapes in the Bay Area, Albany Ford. At least, that's what they told me. I ordered mine, stock, on Halloween and picked it up yesterday. I called last week to consider changing some options and found out it was already on a train!

    Good luck,


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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    Your dealer needed to participate with a service technician in the new model safety training class for the 2005 Ford Hybrid Escape to take delivery. I have heard they are in the first to second production, with some delay, I think it might be the availability of batteries from thier supplier. I have driven the car 3 times and have been to the class for first responder training for police-fire-ems. The Escape hybrid is a super vehcile and I would wait for it cause I wish I had one to drive myself! Responders should look up www.cvpi.com for Fords emergency guide for the Hybrid Escape. Thank you Ford.

    Anyway, I'll be seeing Mary at the Detroit car show next week.
    I live in Minnesota but am from California-Nevada area. Dave L. Medic, RN, The Airbag Detective at www.airbaginstitute.com and Cal Poly SLO graduate.
    take care and good luck

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    Chris - your dealer nay have more allocation than some smaller dealers but they don't get pulled ahead for production. If they are allocated 12, they will come about 1 a month. If a smaller dealer is allocated 4, they will come about 1 a quarter. Unless the orders have oprions that are on hold or in short supply.
    It all has to be fair or dealers will be up in arms. A lot of vehicles are "Free Demand" and not allocated, but the FEH is closely allocated.

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    Well, either my persistence paid off, or it was just dumb luck............the Ford Relationship Center gave me information yesterday that my dealer did NOT yet have about my vehicle.

    After trading phone calls with the Relationship Center again, having them inform me that they didn't know about production timelines, and trying to send me back to my dealer, I received a phone call from them early yesterday afternoon with the following information:

    1) My custom ordered Escape will arrive at my dealership on January 24th (only 19 days away!)

    2) My Escape will begin production on 1/10

    I called the dealer with the update. They were thrilled, as well, because they had been unable to get any information from Ford about arrival times.

    So, yes, the production line appears to be up-and-running. I will keep the board updated as the 24th nears, and let you know if the vehicle actually does arrive on that date.

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    Ford Escape -- On order, but no ETA

    I found a dealer in NJ in edison that has two sitting on his lot for Immediate sale @ MSRP. I dont have the contct information avialble with me but I will post tonight when retreive this from my car in if anyone is interested.

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