A wierd thing happended this weekend while testing the 4WD capabilities on a beach. This weekend we recieved our first snowfall here and I wanted to try to go out on the beach with my 4wd escape.

I think I understand from some of the road tests why this happens (the computer overrides accelerator requests) but the vechicle when it get stuck seems to not be able to use the full engine power to extricate itself.

For instance I drove a small way off the parking lot to start on trail heading out on the beach. The first part had a small pothole (less than 1'). The vechicle would NOT go climb the pothole even in LOW gear.

when going into reverse even less power.

The RPM's never get beyond 1500rpm. I spent about 20 harrowing mins rocking back forth to get back to the parking lot (I only ventured about 30' off the pavement)

Now it should be noted I did some beach trails several weeks earlier and did not have similiar problems but did not try to drive at slow speeds on the trails.

It shoiuld be noted that the vechicle was NOT hightpointed NOR were the wheels losing traction (as I was directly observing them as I was trying to rock out of the depression/hole)