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Thread: Towing with FEH

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    Towing with FEH

    Has anyone installed a towbar on this vehicle?

    Is it still rated to tow 1000lbs?

    I am looking to tow a trailer with 2 dirt bikes.

    Haven't purchased FEH yet, but am considering.

    I see that Draw-Tite has a hitch that is compatible with the Hybrid.

    Will doing so void the warranty?

    Thanks for the info.

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    The FEH/MMH can be pulled

    The FEH/MMH can be pulled behind an RV with all four wheels down even with the AWD.

    You can install a hitch and tow 1,000 pounds with no problems and many people have exceeded that limit.


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    I have installed a Hidden

    I have installed a Hidden Hitch on my Ford Escape Hybrid. It fits very well. Make sure you wire directly to the 12V battery in the engine compartment.

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