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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    A non-hybrid will take almost the same hit in the winter as a hybrid anyway. All cars get worse gas mileage in extreme cold. The Prius and HCH are efficient not just because of the hybrid mechanism and auto-stop, but because they have very advanced engines that are efficient in all operating conditions.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    They have a database over at greenhybrid dot com that shows the current average from 60 HCH's to be at 47MPG, 22 Insight owners average 63MPG, and 96 Prius owners average 48MPG.

    8 days ago I just filled 11 gallons of fuel in my HCH. My fuel is $.23 cheaper / gallon than diesel, easier to find and I achieved a calculated tank of 59MPG.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    Most reasonable people, who care about mileage and emissions and keeping the planet livable for us and our children, hope for and believe that any good automotive alternative that improves fuel economy and reduces emission is a good thing.

    That's why people on this forum are apt to say:

    - hybrids are good
    - clean diesel is good
    - hybrid-clean diesels will be good
    - hydrogen will be good if it lives up to its promise

    When people come into this forum and say, "my diesel is great, and your hybrids suck," it adds nothing to the discussion. And it probably makes diesel proponents cringe, when they see illogical and unnecessarily inflammatory posts like the one earlier in this thread, because it only serves to diminish intelligent discussion about the pros and cons of diesel, instead focusing on misinformation and hyperbole.

    That's what is nice about this forum -- for the most part it is frequented by reasonable folks who would rather engage in a profitable discussion, as opposed to other forums which are more often filled with "I'm great, you're stupid" posts like the one earlier.

    So my recommendation to the earlier poster is to visit www.californiagasprices.com, or www.edmunds.com, where you can engage in slagging off your opponents. This forum is for folks who just want to talk about hybrids, fuel economy, or whatever, in a reasonable and gracious manner.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    I've had my HCH for about 14 months now. I was getting a lot of bragging out my mileage until my first 7,000 mile oil change, tire rotation. Now I get 43-44mpg instead of average 49mpg. I am due for another oil change and the dealer agreed that something is wrong! Last winter which was fairly cold in a consistent way, unlike this winter, I was getting the better mileage and that was while the car was breaking in and I was learning how to do the hybrid driving technique!

    So, I am convinced that in my case something is wrong (please please please!). Otherwise I will be forced to acknowledge that I am really just a do-gooder instead of a cheapskate!

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    I'm not sure if you had increased the pressure in your tires, in order to improve mileage, before your tire rotation; but if you did, then they probably put the tires back to the recommended value (30 or 32 PSI) when they did that service.

    Many people run their tires at 38 or so PSI in order to increase mileage (for tires with a max PSI of 44).

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    Another thing to consider is the type of oil that was used in the oil change. If it is different than what was used earlier, then that might be the cause of the mileage drop as well.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    I bought my '04 HCH in April. At first my highway mileage (65 MPH on I-80) was about 47 MPG. At it has aged (now has 13,000 miles) the mileage has dropped steadily. Before the cold of winter set in, I was getting about 40 MPG under the same driving conditions as when it was new and getting 47 MPG. City mileage has dropped from 38 to 31 MPG. The Honda dealer has told me (twice) that everything is up to specs and there's nothing that can be done...........sorry, Charlie! Contacting Honda customer service in San Diego got the same results. I believe there is a problem with the IMA, but they deny any problems. If this is the way Honda backs their products, it will be the last Honda product I buy.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    One thing to keep in mind is that all cars get worse gas mileage in the winter. I have always kept track of my cars's gas mileage and have noticed anywhere from 5% to 10% drop in winter (Dayton, Cleveland, Ohio). (I don't have any data yet on my '05 Prius, which I hope to pick up in 10 days)

    The winter drop is more noticeable on a hybrid vehicle because your gas mileage is so much better. Few people worry about an SUV dropping from 20 to 18 mpg in the winter, but a drop from 50 to 45 mpg is something we swear over.

    Another possibility is those of us who are more conscious of saving energy are more likely to notice even a little drop.

    Rest assured, everbody's vehicle is getting worse gas mileage in the winter time...so our payback is still positive.

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    Your problem may not be related to this at all, but there is one other thing you might consider. I notice that you are located in San Diego; here in California we get the "benefit" of having oxygenated gas during the winter (November-March), which not only raises the price, but also significantly decreases our MPG.

    The purpose of the oxygenation is to reduce emissions in older vehicles; at least that is what I have read. The unfortunate side effect is that we all pay in terms of decreased gas mileage. I can't wait for spring to see if things get better...

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    Winter Driving in Honda Civic Hybrid

    I live in the Great White North (ie Canada) and I'm interested in going hybrid.

    In addidtion to gasoline / internal combustion efficiency issues, I have concerns about battery efficiency in colder climates that have average winter temps of 0 deg Celsius or lower (thats 32 deg F for you guys south of the 49th parallel).

    Is there hybrid performance data available for cold / extreme cold conditions?

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