I believe I have heard that the HCH gets worse gas mileage in the winter. I live in Chicago, IL and I am experience this reduced gas mileage, but I don't know if this is due to changed driving conditions or the weather (or both). I typically got ~49mpg during the spring, summer, and fall. Now I am getting around 40. Does anyone have any tips for getting better gas mileage in the winter?

Also, I always thought that the only thing that would prevent the auto-stop from working (when your temp-gauge reads in the middle) is if the "ECON" light is off (e.g., front defroster is on or A/C is being used with ECON off). However, I have noticed that, even if the ECON light is on and the temp gauge reads in the middle, the auto-stop will still not work. I have to turn the fan setting to "OFF" in order to get auto-stop to work. I have only noticed this since the outside temperature has dropped below 30 degrees F, so I am assuming it has something to do with the outside temp. Any ideas on this?

Stephen Fenwick