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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    Interesting concept. Your problem is auto engineers are a very conservative lot...they tend to lean on the tried and true until it's pulled out from under them.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    "Multiple, inline electric motors?"

    More electric motors would consume more electricity.
    As we know electricity isn't free and we pay for it as we recharge our batteries in reduced MPG.

    I think Honda did it right with a single motor of the correct size.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    perhaps all the electric motors wouldn't have to have electric power all the time...just during acceleration. When the additional motors aren't being powered, they can be locked together mechanically.

    This is a good point that you bring out though. What kind of fuel efficiency do you get when the electric motor is charging the batteries?

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    The HCH with it's one motor drops about 7MPG while the green bars are lit for recharge.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    Is everybody up on their history on electric motors in cars? The Belgian Pieper "voiturette" had a gas engine with an "Integrated Motor Assist" electric motor/generator - in 1900! Ferdinand Porsche (yes, _that_ Porsche) had a race car doing 70 mph in 1903 with a gas engine driving electric motors in all four wheels - much like the Beechcraft Plainsman of 1948.

    See http://www.techcentralstation.com/011905E.html and

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    Lucas, in general your concept is dead-on. I have have had a similar vision for about a year now, but hadn't commited it to writing.

    The simplicity, the mechanical parts reduction, the AWD, and the stability/traction management possibilities are intriguing.

    The only thing I don't like about it is the motors being a component of the wheel. That would increase unsprung weight, which is enemy #1 to car performance. Unsprung weight ruins acceleration, slows braking and turning, and makes bumps miserable.

    Secondly, you mentioned SUV's. Hopefully by the time such a system would be developed, they will have fallen out of favor. No ground-up engineering design would ever come up with an SUV, it is an illegitimate design. If really needed, a minivan with identical AWD and ground clearance could be implimented, and with either much smaller vehicle size and identical passenger/cargo room; or of equivalent size as an SUV and much roomer interior. As I'm sure you know, most of the bulk of an SUV is wasted with a ridiculous powertrain layout. With your system, 90% of the vehicle would be useable space.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    Lucas, You could make your diesel engine a 2 combustion chamber linear 2 stroke diesel. with a linear permanent magnet generator in the middle. This idea has been put to test at Sandia Labs using anhydrous ammonia as the diesel fuel. This 1.removes the particulate emission problem
    2.Aanhydrous ammmonia infrastructure already exists for agricultural purposes.
    3. All the advantages of your previously mention system. Plus
    4. No rotating parts in the engine
    5. Very few moving parts at all.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    Fewer moving parts, but a lot more vibration!
    However, if you put 2 of these little reciprocating doo-dads next to each other, and arranged it so one would be stroking one way, and one would be stroking the other way, it might work around vibration problem.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    I am not sure if this would be a reply or a new topic.
    The idea of using multiple motors I have is a bit different. If I were to use more than one motor I was hoping to run a vehicle from one motor using battery and an power source ie: generator to produce power and the other motor is to run the generator and charge the batteries. With some more consideration I was considering adding a 40w solar panel and an alternator from a car or transport to provide me with running power. with this design I may actually be running probably more than 2 motors but the would not exceed 48v.

    If anyone has any idea what I am trying to say and can assist in me in devising this into a working model it would be appeciated.

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    Multiple, inline electric motors?

    chuck, dc electric motors typically have a very low efficency, say 50%. i dont know what efficency a motor would operate at as a generator though. so to use a motor to generate power to power itself would require the same external source as just powering the first motor. i believe ac motors are more efficent, say 70%, but now you need to convert the dc from your solar array to ac (using a device that is less than 100% efficent)

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