Anyone out there (OEM's, wink wink, nudge nudge) ever thought of maybe putting 2 electric motors together inline with the drivetrain instead of just one?

The basic arrangement of many of today's popular hybrid cars is simple: a basic gasoline engine, coupled at the flywheel with big electric motor, then the clutch, then the tranny, then the wheels.

Anyone thought of maybe sacrificing a cylinder for another electric motor? I don't know a lot of the details on the motors themselves, except that they generate massive foot-tons of torque...ok, maybe not quite that much, but that's what they're known for.

If another motor were coupled inline, wouldn't that multiply the RPM's delivered to the clutch and tranny?

If this is possible, it would eat electrical power like mad, but more battery could be added because of the added power and efficency...right? Or no? And would this affect the top speed and acceleration?