When will buying a true HEV be "worth it"? Well, watch you city taxi fleets, when they convert to hybrids, then you will know your time to buy is getting close.

City taxis have the perfect drive cycle to get the biggest advantage from electrically assisted IC engine technologies. They drive 80% of their miles in city stop/go traffic and they drive a lot of miles every year. When the cost of fuel rises and the cost of HEV technology drops to the point that Taxi fleets start going to Hybrids, pay attention.

Some independent Taxi operators have already adopted Prius vehicles in Canada and New York. The big fleet operators are still buying Crown Vics, mini-vans, and Impalas, but they are extremely interested in HEV technology so watch as more and more HEVs come into the market and purchase price premiums begin to drop.

A CNG or propane fueled IC engine hooked to a HEV drive system in a mid-to-full sized sedan would be a taxi fleet operators dream car. Any OEMs listening?