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    Hybrid Conversions for older vehicles?

    I have a 1995 Toyota 4 Runner. I would love to conert it to a Hybrid or to an electric car. I live in LA. I would be willing to send it to Arkansas if that is the best place... or order the conversion kit and have it done here in LA. Anyone know of someone in LA who can do this or Can someone tell me of the person to contact in Arkansas

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    Hybrid Conversions for older vehicles?

    try: www.leftcoastconversions.com in Culver City (LA area). They start at $17K for a conversion. A lot more for more performance/range.

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    Paul Arvin.........if your name is Bertrand....get in touch with Frank

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    New poster.

    I've been thinking about an hybrid upgrade for my older pickup

    I'm thinking that you could pull the starter off and bolt in a motor that would kick the engine off to start it, recharge a battery bank and act as regenerative brake when you touch the brake pedal (but before the brakes start to waste energy).

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    yeah, but those are pure

    yeah, but those are pure electric conversions. If you want a hybrid, go to go-ev.com

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    Has anyone thought of making

    Has anyone thought of making a direct replacement for older cars where one would remove the old engine and trans and replace it a battery pack and generator which looked like the original setup. Basically hollowing out a 302 with a C-4 transmission and filling it with the necessary components.

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    I would be interested in

    I would be interested in speaking with you and your uncle further about this. Contact me at albertajunk (@) gmail(dot)com

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    The above post is directed

    The above post is directed to the person with the uncle in Peru.

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    Well that is true in a

    Well that is true in a sense. But until more and more manufactures start producing cars that are more efficient now. Why would I go by a new car that isn't going to give me the gas mileage I want and is going still produce tons of greenhouse gases, and give me this silly marketing 30 mpg advertisement making it sounds like that is such a great figure. If I took the time into looking for an alternative on my own, it could give me the change I want now. Car manufactures are on their own time line of what works for there budget. We deserve better options now and until they start producing these options it's more readily accessible in this age and possible to do this on our own and skip watching the car commercials. Check out Who Killed the electric Car, at the end of the movie it points you too some good solutions and point you to people that do these conversions.

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    Rock on, :) I made a promise

    Rock on, I made a promise to myself to not buy another car unless it's 60mpg. One step above ya. Though I live in NYC and I can use public transportation. What do you think about motorcycle?
    I have a BMW R1150? You think this idea or others could change this bike into a hybrid?
    You know anyone who would like to experiment?

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