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    tax rebate in British Columbia, Canada

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada. I thought that any hybrid, electric, or flexible fuel vehicle owners from British Columbia might want to know that the provincial government here will give you a partial PST tax refund when you buy any of these vehicle types. Here's the link to the Ministry's form which you fill out...


    This is the link to the bulletin explaining how to calculate your rebate.


    I filled it out and sent it in with the necessary documents, and got my refund of about $1000. That's more than a year's worth of fuel for me!

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    tax rebate in British Columbia, Canada

    Thanks Murray - we're looking at getting an Escape and I was wondering about the tax incentives.

    Rob from North Vancouver

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    Thanks Murray. I am happy owner of the new Hybrid and I was very surprised when I found your post. I tried to download forms which you posted and I can't do it. Links are not working. Please give me right links.
    Thank you very much

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    Hi Murray,

    We purchased an 06 Civic hybrid in dec of 2005. The dealer waived the provincial sales tax at time of sale, without any formwork. Not sure if this is still the norm.

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    Anyone know if you can

    Anyone know if you can collect PST rebate on used Prius brought in from States?


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    What a good was to help

    What a good was to help there fellow country men on the crisis, i just hope all countries would do the same to there counrty men.

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