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    Honda Civic Performance

    My Hybrid, for the most part, is performing wonderfully.

    I generally can get 40-42 in the City, and anywhere from 43-45 on the highway (with my 8,000 average at 41).

    I have learned that city driving takes a "zen" approach to coasting and not rapidly accelerating, and generally trying to stay in the 20-35 mile-an-hour range (not letting the car stop).

    On the freeway, one trip I went to Bodega Bay from the Bay Area and averaged 56 miles an hour in a windy stretch over 150 miles. While I have never achieved anything like that again, if I were more patient on the freeway, it is pretty easy to get 45 or better.

    Overall, I'm very happy. My own concern is when I'm in a rush, I have trouble in the City doing better then 37.

    Just my two cents.

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    Honda Civic Performance

    I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid in July 2004, and I am very disappointed in my gas mileage. I follow all the "tips" shared by Honda and this web site, however I continue to get about 42-23 highway and 36- 38 city. I am wondering if I have a problem with my battery. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. The Honda dealership is non-responsive and rude in response to my inquiries.

    Linda Krop

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    Honda Civic Performance

    how do you accelerate? fast? slow? and where are you? my area is pretty hilly in parts. i get 40MPG max in the hills. i'm sure the flat lands like texas or kansas do really well.

    check your tire pressure?

    do you use "real" gas or one of those no-name gas stations?

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    Honda Civic Performance

    Just a plain Honda 2001 LX Automatic... my record when I was commuting back and forth to college I consistently got 41 miles per gallon (95% commuting (between 45 to 55 mph) / 5% city driving. I once managed to get 43 mpg traveling on a highway at 57 mph with the windows up and no AC or heater. This compares quite nicely to the hybrid. I will fess up that city mileage can be very horrible (about 20 mpg) during the winter with a completely cold engine.

    Supposedly, the 2005 Civic Hx manual can do 36 mpg city/ 44 mpg highway. With mileage like this, is a Hybrid even necessary? I think a diesel - hybrid engine SUV combo would make sense

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    Honda Civic Performance

    "I once managed to get 43 mpg traveling on a highway at 57 mph with the windows up and no AC or heater. This compares quite nicely to the hybrid."

    I bought my 04 HCH in February 04 and averaged 54MPG through the winter. This summer I've averaged over 60. This was done with *some* AC. Now with the onslaught of cold weather looks like I'll drop to around 57MPG.
    I'm now approaching the 30K maintenance window.
    There are a few drivers doing better than me.

    Obviously my results are not typical or normal, as the average over 50 or so HCH owners remain about 47MPG.

    Your accomplishment with your LX is outstanding, but can not be compared to the possabilities of an HCH.
    You are a skillful driver to accomplish 43MPG, but what if an HCH? Would you have averaged 55? 59? 62 MPG?

    A similar number of Insight owners are reporting around 72MPG, and some have averaged over 90MPG
    tanks with many runs averaging over 100MPG.
    (Oooo I wish I had an Insight but for the extra seats)


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    Honda Civic Performance

    Not to mention the OTHER bennies of driving a hybrid: conserving the natural environment, reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, spurring development of more "high-tech" solutions for transportation.

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    Honda Civic Performance

    In reply to Joe Scar's post about the Civic HX, I purchased a Civic HX new in February of 97. That makes for about 8 years now that I've had it. In my use mainly in Arizona, I'll average 32-33mpg with the A/C on in the summer driving around town and 35-36 highway with A/C.

    In the winter I can get as high as 36-37 around town if I drive extremely conservatively and highway mileage around 37-38 or so. Since all the highways here either go through mountains or have 75mph speed limits, highway mileage seems to hit a wall in the upper 30's. Only on a few isolated occasions have I ever gotten 40mpg or better. My best "real world" average was 42mpg, but that kind of mileage is rare.

    Still, the HX is something like $7000 less than a Civic Hybrid and although it's a stripped down model, it is definitely cheap and gets at least 35mpg on average.

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    Honda Civic Performance

    There are lots of econo cars that are cheaper than an HCH and get 30-35MPG. I've heard that many people like the Toyota Echo. Personally I don't care for one.

    You get what you pay for.

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    Honda Civic Performance

    You most certainly do get what you pay for. Car and Driver reviewed the Prius, HCH, Jetta TDI, and Toyota Echo. The Echo is $13,700. On a scale of 1 to 100 they gave the Echo a score of 3, describing it as the most miserable car money can buy. I believe their quote was "It's like metamucil for the road. You'll go, and you'll be relieved when it's finally over."

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    Honda Civic Performance

    i think people put a dollar amount in their head and buy a car to meet that amount. i simply would not be buying the really low end cars - that was my college days...

    for the money the choice was almost automatically a hybrid. my wifes car, 1999 mercury marquis, was certainly cheaper & larger & more luxury, but i wanted to get that long term mileage gain from a hybrid.

    great they are coming out with more style in the hybrid class!

    hybrids should become a rule rather then an exception.

    see ya

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