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    Concerning the Honda Hybrids

    How does the HCH( Honda Civic Hybrid) differ from the Honda Civic?

    Good points?

    Bad points?

    What would your opinion be in purchasing a hybrid car? Should I get the Prius, Lexus etc. ?

    and what is better? A Civic? or Accord? Which do you think is more financially stable?

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    Concerning the Honda Hybrids

    Honda is good. The Civic Hybrid is great. I own an Insight, 5 years old this month. Buy the Civic Hybrid.

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    Concerning the Honda Hybrids

    I can HIGHLY recommend the Prius. After 17K miles and 9 months, I'm averaging 47 MPG and just love this car. The stealth mode (electric only at low speeds), the touchscreen, the traction control and vehicle stability control, the enormous room inside, the hatchback convenience, the Smart Key features. And I don't have the top-o-the-line that would add GPS, Bluetooth and voice recognition. It's a kick to drive, very very deceptively fast (no auto tranny shift, just smooth acceleration). Very comfortable on long trips (3200 miles total to and from the Oregon Coast). I love the unique styling. It gets so much attention, in a good way. And it's PZEV-AT emissions are second to none. Cleanest burning car made to date. Love my Prius!

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