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Thread: Hybrid Truck

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    Hybrid Truck

    Does anyone know about plans for a hybrid truck? I wish Toyota would make a hybrid Tacoma.

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    Hybrid Truck

    I hear that Chevrolet is looking at a partial Hybrid pick-up. Small engine with electric motor assist on acceleration. The small engine will give you better highway fuel economy. The engine will stop at intersections, etc. to save some fuel.
    I still prefer the full Hybrid Escape. I'll run errands on battery power only. That is how you save gas in town.

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    Hybrid Truck

    Chevy has already put out the Silverado (full-size) pickup, but only in limited areas.

    The "hybridization" isn't much either...it more designed to boost the power of a (relatively) smaller engine, rather than to save fuel or help the environment.

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    Hybrid Truck

    It occurs to me that Toyota would have some work to do to put THS or HSD in a pickup. Most pickup chassis are designed for longitudinally-mounted RWD drivelines. THS/HSD is clearly designed primarily for FWD transverse mounted installations.

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    i want more information for

    i want more information for truck hybrid.

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    on Chevrolet website they

    on Chevrolet website they list the 09 silverado coming out end of year as two mode hybrid. much better than the previous year model

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    I want hybrid Tacoma. I

    I want hybrid Tacoma. I hump it when it made.

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    can u provide me some

    can u provide me some charactarestcs about the engine ... it's volume , it's power,torque ,, etc
    thnx alot

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