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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Just thought i'd update on my luck with gas mileage -
    On my way back from PA last weekend, I got 34 mpg average and 528 miles on a tank. Just as a reminder, the EPA rating for the car (1991 Cutlass w/ 3.3 Liter V6) was 26 mpg and 400 miles on a tank. I believe i've reached a new level of hypermileage with this car!

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Hey Hot Georgia its your neighbor.
    Ive been putting gas in your car at night.
    You think get great gas mileage, sucka.

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Guess Who,

    I'm your neighbor and that my hybrid you've been adding gas to at night. Would you mine changing the oil tonight? I'll leave the light on.


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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    I'm not certain why Wayne Gerdes didn't mention, while defending Hot Gerogia’s mileage capabilities above, that he, Wayne Gerdes, was the lead hypermiler for the incredible Prius Marathon run recently (probably being humble). You can read about the phenomenal records these hypermiler, marathoners set in a Prius recently at

    http://www.toyota.com/html/hybridsyn.../marathon.html .

    If Gerdes says that Hot Georgia knows & practices what it takes to be a hypermiler, then IMHO we need to take a good hard look at what Hot Georgia recommends because Wayne Gerdes knows what he is doing this arean also.

    Wayne – http://privatenrg.com

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Here's Waynes hypermiler pulse-and-glide technique: "The pulse refers to deadband acceleration (no flow to or from the battery) up to 40 mph. Next comes the glide (engine is stopped, no flow at all) where the speed slowly decreases to 33 mph."

    This has no relationship to the real world of stop-and-go city driving and high-speed freeway driving. As I have stated before in this forum, anybody who does 33-40 MPH in the 60-70 MPH traffic on a freeway should be pulled over by the police - and have their head examined.

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Hi Paul,

    Anyone that has arrived at this point in this thread knows that we are not talking about freeway speeds, especially when attempting hypermiler efficiency. You portray yourself as someone who knows all about 'deadbanding' stating that there is no amperage in or out of the battery. I agree that Toyota’s display would leave one thinking that but, you don’t know enough about this subject to comment correctly on it correctly. If you have amperage I/O instrumentation in your car, you will see plenty of activity during ‘deadband.’ The hypermilers referenced in the above article, in contrast to you, do know what they are talking about and state that during ‘deadband’ you “minimize the power flowing to & from the battery.” I wouldn't bring this up except it is an important issue in hybrid hypermiling. The subject we are on here at this point.

    You are significantly off base about ‘hypermiler’ techniques not being applicable to City driving; they ABSOLUTELY ARE and almost everyone reading this deeply into this thread knows you are wrong on this one. Wayne Gerdes’ marathon event, which you are so quick to discount; was only brought up to illustrate that he knows what he is talking about when he advises us to pay attention to Hot Georgia's techniques for improving mileage.

    Now, do you have anything worthwhile to present to the readers here? We are talking about how to increase mileage in a hybrid. Please don’t attempt to minimize or make look foolish the work or knowledge of folks that have spent hundreds of hours learning these techniques and are graciously sharing their knowledge & their time freely helping a lot of people learn what they want to know more about; getting better mileage in a hybrid.

    Wayne Brown – http://privatenrg.com

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Wayne, that's more information and photos than I've ever seen on a single site before- thanks for posting. I've already bookmarked.

    While I personally haven't been quite as scientific as some, I have learned quite allot from the good folks like yourself who have done the extra technical work.

    Ever since we've been posting tips there have always been people who take them to the silly extreme like Paul's

    "anybody who does 33-40 MPH in the 60-70 MPH traffic on a freeway should be pulled over by the police - and have their head examined"

    They don't seem to understand that all of our tools are not used all of the time, but some of them are used all of the time and used appropriately.

    It always amazes me the reasons some people creatively think of "Why not" to learn efficiency.

    One such skeptic over at Edmunds actually tried a couple of the tips.....On his Lincoln Navigator of all things...and reported an increase from upper teens to mid-upper 20's. (About the same as my wife saw with her 01 Grand Caravan)

    While the Navigator driver is still largely untrained and he calls it "woosy Footing" it sure raised a few eyebrows, especially with those getting low Teens in the same model.

    So much more for the Hybrid driver.

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Wayne, I don't "...portray (my)self as someone who knows all about 'deadbanding' stating that there is no amperage in or out of the battery." I've never used the term, other than in a quote. I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid, not a Prius, so I've never seen the Toyota display you refer to - because I've never driven a Prius.

    And I don't mean to minimize anybody who is helping us get better mileage from our hybrids - that's what most of us are here for. But I'm not about to drive 49 miles to work on the freeway at 33-40 MPH.

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    Hi Paul, I see that you did quote the article as written. Apparently the marathoner being quoted is not aware of amperage I/O during ‘deadband’ and I apologize; I was quite wrong for blaming that error on you.

    I notice on some of your blogs here in the blog portion of this forum that you too achieve some pretty decent MPG in your HCH at highways speeds. You might consider sharing that info here or referencing them with some hyperlinks & etc. It does take some skill to get the kind of mileage you are reporting at those speeds & we all do have to use the highways too.

    Again, I am not proposing that anyone travel 33-40 on a freeway; that is actually illegal but, hypermiler techniques can be applied quite successfully in City driving. Maybe we can only apply it 30% of the time. Let’s say one has a City commute of 12 miles each day that normally gives them 40 MPG and can easily apply hypermiler techniques to say 30% of the trip & do so without bothering the other commuters. This person will likely see 44-45 MPG instead of 40 MPG which is a 10-11% increase in efficiency. Once one accomplishes this, it is much like your achievements on the highway and it brings a lot of satisfaction, is good for the environment, oil dependency & etc.

    It is estimated that US hybrid drivers use 35,000,000 gallons of gasoline annually in US cities. This estimate stems from data indicating that the average hybrid owner puts on 7,000 City miles a year. If all hybrid owners in the US could be motivated to improve their City mileage by 10%, we would see somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,500,000 less gallons of gasoline being used annually. Yes, this only a drop in the large bucket of gasoline we use annually in the US, but still; 3,500,000 gallons of gasoline is 406,000,000,000 BTUs of energy that can go somewhere else.

    The US govt recently published the estimated winter fuel expenditures per household at
    http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/steo/pub/gifs/Slide2.gif . If our saved BTU dollars could go into home heating this winter with its very elevated increase in heating costs, we, way in the minority, hybrid drivers could heat 8,716 average US homes for the whole winter with our little drop in the bucket 10% increase. Imagine what could be done if we could motivate our whole nation of automobile users into not only a 10% increase in City MPG but, into driving hybrids while making that improvement.

    We burn right around 116,982,500,000 gallons of gasoline annually right now. Our average MPG in the USA is estimated to be 18 MPG. If we could convert all gasoline users to hybrids & get our average fuel MPG to 27 MPG we could then heat 96,140,790 homes for the entire winter on the savings. That is a very interesting number because it is estimated that there are only 100,800,000 households in the USA. That means we could heat at least 90% of all households in the USA for the entire winter on the energy we would save by increasing our national average MPG from 18 to 27. That is COMPLETELY possible by switching to hybrid technology.

    Wayne – http://privatenrg.com

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    Driving strategy for better gas mileage

    How often are you guys changing the oil on your HCH's? The book says 10k, but i have noticed my mpg go down slowly since my last oil change almost 8k miles ago.

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