I bought my '05 civic hybrid about one month ago and have driven almost 1000 miles. I have been getting around 40mpg (regularly registering 41-42mpg on the trip meter that i reset each tank full, the trip metter left from the beginning has 39.3 registered, it had 82 miles when bought. I do find myself watching the real time reading and backing off the pedal where possible to try to keep the reading above 40 wherever possible and find I rarely go over 60-65 MPH on the highway (in town Atlanta so at rush hour I'm often going a LOT slower than that (26 round trip miles to/from work). I definately find I have slowed my driving down considerably but believe I make it home in about the same amount of time. If you read the standard stuff put out by Honda and others, they tell you NOT to use significat gas pedal to get up to speed, which is how I have been doing it, but reading others on boards such as this I see others suggesting getting up to cruising speed more quickly before backing off actual achieves better MPG. I will probably try this my self on the next tank to see what happens but would like to hear more about what others have experienced. Overall I like the car