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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    I've already ordered a Prius....but for those who are interested, the link below will hopefully take you to the website of the magazine "Automotive Industries." The current issue has an article about the Accord hybrid.

    If you read the magazine a long time like I have, you'll find that they are generally down on anything environmental, usually using the argument: either jobs, OR the environment. This argument has been proven to be false by many companies in many market around the world. (By the way, an editorial a while ago projected that hybrid cars would be a fad, or just too expensive.....)

    Anyway, the technical information is usually very good, so enjoy the article. If for some reason the link doesn't work, go to www.ai-online.com click on "current issue" and then click on the article "Accord Goes Hybrid."


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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    a fad that saves money and reduces emissions? Hehehe! I love the way car manufacturers think. It's so cute when they're dumb.

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    Honda Accord Hybrid

    Just got this off Yahoo! news:


    Article about the new Accord Hybrid and what it will cost.

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