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    How many hybrids were sold?

    How many total hybrids were sold in the United States each year, from 1999 to 2004?

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    How many hybrids were sold?

    Hybrid sales have risen consistently in the U.S.: 9,350 cars in 2000
    20,287 in 2001
    35,000 in 2002
    47,525 in 2003

    I've seen projections for 2004 at around 100,000.

    If anybody has a good source for detailed sales numbers, by model and month, please post to this thread.

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    You can get some great

    You can get some great information at


    In my 174 page thesis that I'm blogging on, it looks like we're well past one million hybrids worldwide and the US is leading the race!!!

    If you would like any data or graphs,
    email me at johnmba@sbcglobal.net

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    Im looking for any stats on

    Im looking for any stats on how many hybrids are sold each year and how fast that is growing up to the most recent!

    Thanks for any help!

    Mark Cooper

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    Thanks for posting the

    Thanks for posting the statistics about hybrid cars sold. This will help me in my research on the topic of fire pits.

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    This is a great question

    This is a great question about hybrids sold each year. Hybrid cars have really made a stand in the market over the past decade. outdoor fire pit

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