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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid "Suggestions?"

    Ok gang. I'm a little concerned and need some help or suggestions. I just purchased my HCH approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago. My weekly (5 days) commute to work is roughly 35 round trip. This is a combination of highway and city streets and speed limits are roughly 45 MPH and 60 MPH respectively.

    I've just returned from a week long vacation and now have roughly 2200 miles on the car. I've kept two MPG reading on the trip meter. Trip A is the lifetime meter since I pulled it off the lot and Trip B is for the tank of gas I'm currently on.

    Here's the question...
    My lifetime Trip A MPG reading is at 36.2 and my current tank of gas Trip B is at 37.8.

    The rough estimate of miles put on the car during my vacation is the 2000 miles and it is 99% Interstate running at 70 MPH. I've read things about tire pressure which I will need to check and things about changing my driving habits.

    Living in MI we are getting very close to having total snow coverage in my part of the state so what tire pressure would I want to shoot for that is safe. Also, what driving changes should I be doing? Should I be quick on acceleration and long to cost into a stop? I use the cruise control at almost every interval I can so I know I'm doing at least something correct.

    I've also heard my MPG will go up after the first oil change which my dealer has me in for at 5K. I'm just looking for a little help and suggestions. I absolutely love this car and would have loved to get a Prius but I'm afraid the wait time was just too much for me.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read my long long story!

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid


    I've changed my driving habits a bit to include faster acceleration to take more advantage of the IMA System but would still like some suggestions on other driving tips.

    Any other HCH owners out there care to comment? Also, '05 HCH owners might want to check out my newer topic out IRS tax deductions for our car.


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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    I also recently purchased an '05 HCH about three weeks ago. The first day or so my mileage was at about 38MPG. I guess I must have modified my driving somewhat because my first tank's mileage ended up around 42MPG.

    My second tank, which is almost used up, is hovering at about 44.6. This is mostly all lousy short city driving (my work commute is about 5 miles).

    In general, in my short experience, I have found that driving in a less stressful manner (not zipping in and out), and getting up to speed relatively quickly and then maintaining the prevailing rate of speed with other traffic, has been good for my mileage.

    I also added a bit of air to the tires, which is supposed to improve mileage.

    I don't know if any of this will help, but perhaps it will give you hope that things may tend to improve over time.

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    Thanks for the response. Shoot me some email sometime or catch me online, AIM is ItamaeChef. I'd love to chat about the car.

    I'm still on roughly a half tank of gas from my Thanksgiving Vacation so I've got some time before I have to refuel. Got to love that! Right now my Lifetime MPG has not changed but I've reset my Current Tank MPG a few different times and seem to be getting roughly the same results.

    Being that I'm in MI and the whole area is white with snow I'm wondering if the dealership has the tire pressure a little lower so that I get a better "footprint" while driving. I think I need to get the current tire pressure and then find out what is safe for me to drive on considering my conditions.

    Take today for example:
    All the city streets I have to maneuver through the first leg of my commute are completely iced over. They have been sanded and salted but overall they are still very icy. I'm happy to say I had no problems driving and this comes from my previous 4x4 vehicle.

    I'm loving the car all around but cant seem to get our of 35 - 40 MPG rut. Thanks again all.


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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    I've had my HCH for about a month now, and I've never gotten over 42 mpg. I don't race around and my commute is about 12 miles, and I'm usually just at 36-37. I haven't added air to the tires yet though. I'm currently sitting around 2,690 miles on it right now. I did go on one vacation that I did race on that was a longer distance and I sat at around 38 mpg. After I fill up, it always tells me 48 for the first mile, then it drops like a stone to 32 again.

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    I was in a state of panic when I first got my hybrid as I was only getting 36 Mpg. I found if I simply took it a bit easier and did stress out about trying to be the first one in to work I was ok. Also plan ahead as far as stop lights and the like. Coasting is how you really get the mpg up there. Do not run the air conditioner, will yield as much as 3 - 5 mpg.

    I have also heard that mpg improves after driving the car for awhile (read after several hundred to one thousand miles). I do not know if this is true or if I changed my driving habits solely to get more mileage.

    I can squeeze out 48 mpg but it is a challenge. One I sometimes see if I can do on my 50 mile commute.

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    I've had my 05 hch for about two weeks now, I drive around 165 miles round trip to work. mostly highway, I too have used the less stess method, and have my tire presure at 35psi in all four tires, I am averaging a little bit over 50mpg. I am getting greedy cause I am aiming for 55mpg. I do run the ac only while I am on the highway. but I have learned to coast when ever I can. I am now doing the speed limit of 65mph. (well at least I won't be getting any speeding tickets)

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    seems to be a little group here of new owners, of which i am one. had it two weeks today.

    first tank i got 51.7MPG and the second i got 53.8. on my 80 mile round trip, i am showing just about 57 on the current tank of gas. i measure it for sure by hand, total miles divided by gas usage. one trip home on the back roads, it was giving me 62.4. the speed limit on my usual route is 65, but even with my previous car, i usually drive 60, since i have read that is where the mileage starts to drop off. so i drive slower, and let up on the pedal when the road is flat or slightly downhill, and i can see the gauge go up. i think that is part of the trick to higher mileage is to watch the gauge and figure out what is the least pressure on the pedal we need. i know it's different than what we have always done, but i get a perverse satisfaction out of getting passed by something that has a loud muffler and is most likely getting about 1/4 the MPG that i am.

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    dITTO : ON THE PERVERSE SATISFACTION. I almost wish they would lower the speed limit back to 55 mph. because I would then not feel like the slow poke , even though I am driving at about 65-70 mph. being at 65 mph most people on the new jesey turnpike are going 80 +. (mostly pick up trucks, suv's and tractor trailers )

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    '05 Honda Civic Hybrid

    Hello, all you happy Honda Civic Hybrid owners!

    I am on the waiting list to get a 2006 HCH and I'm wondering if after one and two years of owning it, are you still happy with your choice?

    If you have heard ANY bad things about HCH, I would like to know because I haven't seen anything negative yet and that scares me. (in a good way ). =)

    I, too, am comparing the Toyota's Prius to the HCH and I must say I favor the concept of the Honda better: seems more like a normal car, is more aesthetically pleasing, and is an easier fix for most mechanics.

    The car should arrive on the lot within the week, so if any owner sees this, please give me some advice on whether or not I should buy this car!!! Thanks, all.

    I look forward to being part of the Honda Hybrid family.

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