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    Cruise control on Honda Insight

    We're considering purchasing a Honda Insight, but would want cruise control. Does anyone have experience with adding cruise control to the Insight? (We have a Prius with cruise control and love it.)

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    Cruise control on Honda Insight

    i can only add that cruise control with the honda civic is extremely solid! i assume the insite is similar. i can set a speed and hold it on hills, up, down, etc. i never had a car with better speed control!

    also, the location of the honda civic cruise control is perfect or driving by thumb. i accelerate or slow down or set speeds by my thumb. it's simple enought to not just use the control on the hughway but also surface streets.

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    My 2003 honda civic hybrid

    My 2003 honda civic hybrid cruise control needs repair and dealer is quoting me $450 with discount. Is all this money necessary to fix my cruise control??

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    Honda 03 Civic cruise quit.

    Honda 03 Civic cruise quit. Says first check the fuse. That information is not on the fuse covers either under the hood or dash. Which fuse do I check? What else would make the system suddenly quit working?

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    My 2000 Insight MT does not

    My 2000 Insight MT does not have cruse control. The Insight does not have enough HP to hold speed on the up hill without shifting down. Cruse control cannot do that. I don't think the later 2001-2006 Insights have the option either. If you are set on cruse control I recommend a Honda Civic Hybrid. It works very well our our 2003 HCH.

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    I just purchased a 2004

    I just purchased a 2004 Insight that had an in the wheel cruise control added. It is mounted on the wheel across from the S&D buttons. It works good but may vary 2 to 3 miles an hour while inclining. I'm glad to have it as I am spoiled with cruise control. On the paper work I have the company is Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. The distributor is Brandon Distributing Inc. 18629 Simonet Dr Elk River, MN 55330. Phone # is 763-241-4172. The cost in 2006 when bought was 253.00. I hope this helps out you 1st generation Insight owners.

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    I recently purchased a low

    I recently purchased a low mileage 2001 Honda Insight and was going to be driving it across country. I found a terrific mobile firm in the Pacific Northwest that came out to my door and installed the Rostra Cruise Control unit into my vehicle. The cruise has worked wonderfully (just like a factory unit) since installation over 5000 miles ago. I would recommend going with a fixed stalk controller on the side of the steering column (much like you'll find in some factory applications) as the two button remote controller that mounts to the inside of the steering wheel could give you issues down the road. Expect to pay approx $250 for the unit w/a stalk controller (maybe about $50 more for the remote controller) plus installation if you want to have someone else do the installation.

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    The 2011 Honda Insight comes

    The 2011 Honda Insight comes with cruise... and is priced about $4k less than a Prius

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    Did the fuse fix it? Mine

    Did the fuse fix it? Mine cruise control blew this moring on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid, and I'm OCD when it comes to using my cc....Hope it doesn't cost $450 like the person who posted above...

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