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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    I heard rumors from Honda a few months ago that they were wanting to add a hybrid SUV model for late 2005 or 2006 but haven't heard anything since.

    I'd really love (and would buy) a hybrid CRV or Pilot (outstanding reliability + gas savings).

    Also what's the ETA on the Toyota Highlander hybrid? Might be too big for my needs though.

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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    I talked to a few dealers today about the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. They really don't have any information that's not already available over the internet. Most are estimating June or July for the arrival date. One told me April, but I think they were confusing it with the Lexus, which is due to come out on April 16th.

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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    Honda CEO Fukui announced the release of the Honda Pilot with VCM (variable cylinder management) which will help that thirsty V-6 engine, but a real hybrid is likely to be a version of the 2007 or 2008 CR-V.

    I'm sorry they aren't making the Element a Hybrid. I have one and I love it, and its really useful, but it has pretty middling gas mileage (20-21mpg). If all the hybrid people lobbied them however... They might reconsider.

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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    TheHonda engine that switches to three cylinders would be a great competitor to the Lexus SUV and Highlander--think of the extra mileage this would get and still have good acceleration

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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    Why do you think that they won't make an Element Hybrid? I have one now, and I LOVE it, but am waiting for the hybrid......?

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    Honda Hybrid SUV's?

    I was waiting to buy the Element Hybrid...if they don't plan to make one, I guess I won't be buying an Element ..that would bum me out as it has everything I want in a vehicle except it is not a hybrid....

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    I would like to know where

    I would like to know where to find out about honda pilot hybrids, when and if they will make one

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    Well, it's 2008, and there's

    Well, it's 2008, and there's no Honda Hybrid SUV, but hybridsuv.com suggests their search stats indicate people are looking for Honda Hybrid SUVs.

    On the one hand, the redesign of the CRV to make it more aerodynamic would indicate that a hybrid would be in the offing. On the other hand, the appearance of the CRZ concept hybrid, built from the ground up as a hybrid, would be an indication of the company's focus and overall strategy.

    Some have felt that the Fit would be next to be hybridized, arguing that it could be fitted with an Insight drivetrain. (I don't know if that's true or not.)

    All I know is that a Civic Hybrid is really cramped for a family of four that might like to go on vacay (850 lbs. cargo max, including passengers) or carry something big like a bookcase or a shrub. Hurry, Honda!

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    when do we expect the pilot

    when do we expect the pilot hybrid.will buy in no time

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    The pilot hybrid will be

    The pilot hybrid will be awesome.

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