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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Well, we did it. We bought a 2006 Escape Hybrid today. The thing that sold us was the 31.7 MPG we got on the test drive through Las Vegas (mixed highway and city with the A/C on [but not MAX]).

    Like I mentioned in a previous post, we had driven two other Escape Hybrids and gotten 22 to 24 MPG. I can't explain the difference between previous test drives and today since they were all very similar. However, based on my experiences, I suggest test driving the actual vehicle you are planning to buy. If it gets less than 28-30 MPG, pick another one.

    It almost seems like there is a crop of "lemons" out there that can't top 24 MPG. I was just about to curse the whole FEH craze until I actually achieved 31.7 MPG today. It sold me, I bought it, and am looking forward to 30+ MPG I will get. It will be nice hitting the gas pump half as often!

    As I said in my previous post, I am moving to Italy this fall for 2 years. There is the unknown factor of getting the FEH serviced in Italy, but I guess I'll be a pioneer here. (Most things under warranty fail immediately after the warranty expires, anyway, right? So I'll be good until I get back to the states...)

    Anyone with the navigation system experienced a "delay" in the system? IE I make a right turn, and the display shows me driving not-on-a-road, then after a few seconds I "drift" to the road I'm actually on. Just wondering if this if a common problem or if it goes away when your vehicle figures out exactly where it is?

    Happy driving!

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I bought a 2005 4WD Escape Hybrid 1 week ago. I have been trying to the most MPG by trying to keep the gas engine off as much as possible. ( very slow starts, never use MAX AC and unly used regular AC twice ) At least 75% of the driving has been city driving. The strange thing is, the computer says I am getting 26-28 MPG but I have only traveled 200 miles and have used up 3/4 of a tank of gas!! My calculation says with a 15 gallon tank, this is only about 18 MPG. The "Miles until empty" screen started at well over 400 miles but drops 20-30 mile for every 10 miles I drive. I asked the service department and they said they did not know why this was happening. Anyone else have any suggestions or insite?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid


    There are a number of things wrong here.

    First, it's not a matter of trying to stay in EV mode as much as possible - that is often not the most efficient way to drive. Read up on driving techniques to maximize fuel efficiency in the FEH.

    Also, it's still new and MPG will increase over the next few thousand miles as it breaks in and learns your driving habits.

    The gas gauge is deceptive as it drops very quickly at first, showing 3/4 tank after only 1-2 gallons burned, and at 1/2 tank you've actually got closer to 2/3 left.

    Don't compare "city" driving (or any real-world driving) to the EPA numbers as they don't reflect real-world numbers for most people. Real urban city driving will generally give you lower MPG numbers than typical highway driving... the sweet spot is somewhere in between the two (cruising around 45-50mph).

    The numbers you're seeing actually sound just about right for a new 4WD FEH in summer.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Thanks Randy,
    Can you point me to a site that discuss driving techniques?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    This site has lots of info in the discussions as well as in the "Gas Mileage" section. You can also check out GreenHybrid.com, or the hybrid_ford_escape group on Yahoo!

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    The FWD FEH are the only ones getting good mlage. The 4WD don't. 24.5MPG is what I'm at now at 5400 miles. It has gone up frok 22 since I bought the vehicle. I get the best milage now by following the practices of accelerating up to 4000RPM and then letting my foot off the gas pedal. If you want an efficient vehicle buy a VW TDI for milage. You won't ever get it on a AWD or 4WD vehicle, hybrid or not. That's just the truth speaking...I am still going to contact the area Ford manufacturer representative to discuss the false EPA sticker numbers of MPG on the 4WD FEH b/c they are very wrong....

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I has to respectively disagree with Dan. My 4WD FEH gets between 28 and 32 mpg on a tank of gas. Nothing too special about my driving techniques, plus I've used the override a/c a bunch lately, too.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I have had my FEH for about 3 months now. 2006 model. I am getting about 29-31 mpg fairly consistently. I heard tonite on the news something that was interesting, that the Civic Hybrid isn't tuned to gas mileage, but to performance, using the hybridized component to cut about a second off the 0-60 acceleration time.

    Also for those interested, www.calcars.org reports to have had success improving the gas mileage of the Prius to 250 mpg by replacing the battery pack, tweaking the computer to allow more electric driving, and adding a plug in at night feature that costs 25 cents to 1.00 in electrity cost a night, but gives you the first 40-60 w/no gas. Their site says they will be trying to mass produce a retrofit in the next year. To me this would be great.

    PS I bought my car after a cousin of mine died in Iraq. I won't politicize this conversation by stating my opinions, but I will say that the cost benefit justification of buying a hybrid really doesn't matter as much to me anymore. Decreasing dependance on oil does.

    Any purchase of this technology supports what will come later, and what will come later will far surpass the mpg we get now. I'm looking forward to 250 mpg!

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Last night (Aug 16) on NBC Nightly News they had on a segment on Hybrids and the present gas crisis. The segment was so anti-hybrid that my wife and I just stood there with our mouths open in disbelief! None of what they said has been our experience whatsoever!

    They said there was only 1-2 m/g savings, the cost of maintenace was very high and the reliability and cost of the technology not worth the price.

    I've had my Escape Hybrid 4 WD since Christmas. I drive in N.Va (DC) mixed traffic everyday. not in the HOV I might add. My last truck was a GMC Jimmy. It got 14-16 m/g. I estimate I have cut my gas consumption by 60%. I with the A/C on I get 32-34, with it off 34-36 and open road 27-29. I get over 400 mile on a 15 gal tank of gas. My best is 430 and average about 410 milea / tank. What does a stock gas Escape get? The Ford Website says 24-26. So is there a savings? You bet! After 9000 miles maintenace costs have been no more they any other new truck.

    The problem as I see it is that people jump into a hybrid vehicle with the same bad driving habits that they had before and expect magic. You need to take the time to learn how to drive the vehicle effectively. Now mine has a NAV system which I fully recommend but not for what you think. The Nav system is nice but it's the Energy flow and Economy metering systems that is a must. Using that you can fully learn how the vehicle operates efficiently.

    Regardless of what the anti-change people have to say about them, my hybrid has delivered all that I expected of it. And if no one else buys one, it will just be my little secret!

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Hey Joe-

    You and your wife experienced what so many of us have been noticing for years...the nightly news used as marketing tool. NBC/RCA/Vivendi Universal is owned by parent company GE, which also owns many energy and gas companies. Wonder why they wouldn't like hybrids and would want to discourage folks from purchasing them? hmmm...
    Check out the new documentary "The Corporation" for an interesting look at conglomeration in the U.S. Very eye-opening. It's available on DVD.
    Congrats on your hybrid and keep enjoying the money you're saving...and keeping out of the wallets of rich middle eastern and Texan oilmen!

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