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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I just got the 2006 4WD Escape and I'm getting 22mpg.

    I'm very sad about this and I think it's a total fraud.

    I rent cars every week for work, and I either aFord Focus or a Corolla. I noticed that Ford claims their
    Focus cars get 28mpg but I have averaged 18mpg. I've averaged 30mpg with the Corollas which is a lot more powerful than the focus.

    Why can't Ford make a fuel efficient vehicle? I don't think Ford should be applauded for making a vehicle that's *barely* on par with Toyota or Honda.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I think vehicle weight and driving habits play a big part in MPG. The FEH is 3,800 lbs and has a small ICE which is subject high RPMs. If you try to move the FEH like a light weight car , the higher RPM's will kill your MPG. Thats why I say let off the gas and let the RPM's down for a second. You can then stair step your speed using the electric motor assist.

    If there is a problem with the FEH or programing, that is one thing. If its running as designed and your getting bad MPG, you need to figure out the FEH or sell to someone else and buy a vehicle you can drive for your needs.

    What I like about the FEH is I have a big say in how much gas I will burn. Example, yesterday I needed to run up and down the highway (225 miles) with a little city stop and go. I let a semi cut a hole in the wind in front of me on the highway at 65-75 MPH and my MPG averaged was 44 with the A/C on. When I got off the highway with a full battery charge, I drove in EV and brought my average to 48 MPG when I got back to the highway.

    When I found out I could not only match EPA estimates but far exceed them, let just say I plan to buy an FEH for my son when he graduates at MIT in 2007. BTW, the Nav. computer/GPS is very nice if you can af-Ford it.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I have had my FWD '05 FEH for about 2 months now. My current average on the NAV system is 32.8 MPG. I find 2 very important factors to getting better milage.

    First is driving habits. I let my brother drive the car for a day and the mileage dropped almost 4 MPG from his driving habits. Jack rabbit starts and hard braking to stop the car. He could never pull off from a stop in EV mode, his foot just could not do anything but mash the peddles.

    The second big effect is max AC. Since the ICE never turns off you can watch the mileage drop and drop some more in stop and go driving. There is much less of an effect at normal highway speeds.

    I went from a car that got 22 MPG on premium fuel to an SUV that gets 32+ MPG on regular. The FEH is not a magical device, the laws of pyhsics still apply. You still have to get a 3000+ pound object into motion from a dead stop. At least stopping the FEH recycles some of the energy stored in the wheels back into the battery. Otherwise all of that energy is wasted.

    The EPA estimate is just that, an estimate. The phrase "Your actual milage may vary" is there for a reason.

    The hybrid system is a tool to get improved mileage but as with any tool it's how you use it. You can drive like my brother does and get rotten mileage or learn new driving habits and get much better mileage. BTW: These better driving habits will also get you much better mileage on ANY vehicle.

    Don't blame Ford for bad mileage unless there is some kind of mechancal problem. The most common problem that causes bad mileage is the person behind the wheel. Make sure that you fix the person behind the wheel before blaming anything else.

    I had to change my driving habits to get better mileage on my FEH. On the other hand I do not go to any extremes trying to get the best mileage I can. I refuse to drive in 90+ degree heat in stop and go traffic without AC.

    I also do not want to take the fun out of driving, if you can call it fun in Chicago, by having a goal to eek out every last tenth of a MPG. I have heard of folks that removed their roof racks or their spare tire to reduce weight or drag.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Driving style has NOTHING to do with it in my FEH. I have tried numerous driving habits. I've driven it "jack rabbit style", slow grandma style. Driving paying attention to every little weight and balance of my foot to mak it drop into EV mode and stay there from a dead stop and longer, etc. etc. etc. In my FEH it doesn't matter which method I use. It doesn't matter the wind velocity. it doesn't matter how light you are on the pedal or how heavy you are. I get the same thing + or - (.1) mpg. It's ridiculous. I wish I would have never bought this piece of crap. The best vehicles out there are the TDI VW's. They Do get 44mpg+. I've had one and I regret ever getting rid of it. And you don't have to change your driving style for those either. I have been a mechanic most of my life and the flaw with my FEH is in the vehicle, not the driver. I assure you...

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    After scanning through the comments, I felt a thought or two about the Toyota Highlander hybrid might be in order. I followed the technical banter since Toyota introduced the Prius and was impressed with their engineering. I drove a Prius, but it just didn't have the room needed for family traveling so I waited hearing the rumors of a green Highlander coming soon.

    Two + years later, I finally was able to put my name on the list at my local dealership and when asking about price, availability, etc. the answer was always, "Go the the internet - they know more than we do." The sales staff guessed the price would be slightly above the Limited edition - boy were they ever right! When the call came to actually spec out my Highlander, the list price (also the selling price) was $9,100 higher than the Limited Highlander model. Talk about sticker shock! I calculated an 11 year payback based on EPA estimated MPG (and you ALL know how accurate that is). Thanks, but no thanks. I love the environment, but can't put my son through colledge while paying for a $42,000 SUV that I could buy with a traditional drive train for $32,000.

    Looks like I'll be reviewing the VW TDI in some version soon.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I have test driven two at local (Las Vegas) Ford dealers. I saw about 20 MPG on the first one but didn't know about resetting the trip computer so it probably had a lot of running-in-the-parking-lot 0 MPG time on it.

    The second drive, I saw 22.7 after some rush hour stop and go driving and city street driving. However it was 117 degrees outside (no kidding) so I was using MAX A/C which I know keeps the engine running all the time.

    I am considering buying one because I think the MPG will sort itself out. But, two questions for the group:

    1) Those of you getting 30+ MPG - how are you using the A/C? What MPG do you get at, say, 65 MPH on the interstate with the A/C on?

    2) I'm moving to Italy in about 3 months. Anyone have any idea what getting a FEH serviced in Europe is going to be like? I know there is a Ford dealer in the town I'm moving to (Ferrara), but I don't want to be left high and dry if the battery won't charge or something.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Thinking of buying an Escape or Mariner Hybrid. I do a lot of skiing all over the West and need 4WD in winter.

    Looking at the stats, I'm wondering about Escape Hybrid vs. a Subaru Outback rated at 28mpg. I'm petty good at getting rated mileage and from what I'm seeing here, 28 mpg would be what I'd likely see on an Escape Hybrid in winter. But that's only 30% of my driving, the rest is regular commute etc. So if I could get 30 mpg regular driving (Portland OR) with the Escape Hybrid, that would be worth the difference.

    Commute is 17 miles each way, mostly non-Interstate, large surface streets, four lane with lights every 2-3 miles. Climate here is moderate so AC maybe 15 days in summer. Defrost about 4 months a year in winter (not counting the skiing).

    I see a couple horror stories of 22-25 mpg but seems like most can get 30 mpg. Is 30 mpg a realistic expectation for the Escape?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Hey Brion-

    Your 17 mile commute on surface streets should get you the 30-35mpg you're looking for. I'm assuming streets are relatively flat, lights are timed and your speed will be between 20-40 mph. That's when the Escape HEV really shines, because you'll be able to drive in electric mode for most, if not all, of the commute.

    I get my best "in town" mileage driving surface streets for longer than 15 minutes (usually 32mpg). My best average mileage overall is stop and go L.A. freeway driving (36mpg)...the HEV has provided a silver lining to rush hour traffic. Just had my 10,000 mile service, and am still really happy with my Escape.

    Good luck with your decision,

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Joan..thanks for reply. 30-35mpg on the daily commute would be great. That would definitely tilt it in favor of the Escape/Mariner Hybrid. Some hills to contend with, don't think the lights are time for flow, just for traffic but you can anticipate them and coast.

    Only thing bugging me is the Insurance Institute saftey rating on the Escape is a "Acceptable" not "Good".

    I see Saturn Vue will be out in hybrid form next year and that should get a bit better mileage (assuming regular Vue has bit higher mpg rating than regular Escape) and the Vue has top crash rating.

    Decisions, decisions.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    "Driving style has NOTHING to do with it in my FEH. "

    I hate to be harsh, but that is an absolutely ridiculous statement. Every car - Echo, VW, Grand Caravan, Hummer - will get different amounts of MPG based on the user's driving style. Science, government studies, and empirical data bear this out -- you can effect your MPG by at least 25% depending on how you drive, maybe more.

    Making a statement like this just calls into question the rest of your argument.

    I have no idea what mileage to expect from any of the new hybrid SUVs. But what I *do* know is that your driving style will without question make a profound difference in your results.

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