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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    New to this post;

    Just purchased a Ford Escape Hybrid Last week after reading about other folks' experiences and test driving the Ford versus the Highlander Hybrid. The Escape edged out the Highlander. The Escape uses a 4 cylinder engine while the Toyota uses a 6 so the Ford hybrid should get better mileage on the open road. Both accelerate well and merge easily from the freeway on-ramps. Both are comfortable and well made but the Highlander stickered out at $5K more than the Escape and has a built in mileage penalty. Isn't better mileage why we are buying Hybrids?

    My Escape Hybrid is a Front Wheel Drive with every available option Ford makes on it. I don't drive grandma style, but usually stay out of the left hand lane as much as possible since we have crazy drivers in CA. On I80 out here in the Bay Area I'm usually in one of the middle lanes, never in the right hand-most lanes. 95% to 98% of my driving is freeway at 65 MPH. Recirc A/C is on most of the time. Here are the actual "fill up" MPG stats;

    1st fill-up 4/30 8.27G at 250 miles = 30.2MPG

    2nd fill-up 5/2 10.56G at 327.6 miles = 31.0MPG

    3rd fill-up 5/7 12.26G at 363 miles = 29.6MPG

    My mileage expectations have been met and mileage seems to be as advertised. Fit and finish are very good with NO fake wood. Handling is outstanding. Very stable at highway speeds. Good luck with yours.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    In flat central florida, my FWD Escape Hybrid is getting between 30 and 31 very consistantly in both city and highway since sept 05.

    I've played 'stay electric' in the city and draft games on the highway to get to 34, but for short times.

    Sad to see people reporting mid 20's. The only time i've seen that low was a fast (75) interstate trip against wind.

    My previous was an Expedition, and I felt increasingly guilty with each fill. I've been a loyal Ford buyer and I have a setter (http://inters.com/fewinston.jpg) so for me it was a pretty easy decision. So far I love the car. But I'd love to see a F hybrid sedan soon, and plugin would be even better. Anyway, I love the Escape. MPG dead on my expectations considering all estimates are inflated.

    I think the talking gps nav system has saved me plenty of gas a well

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I have a regular Escape and am thinking about switching to the Escape Hybrid. The only problem is I have a 45 mile freeway commute to and from work. Driving 100 miles a day, I want the best fuel economy I can get. The problem I see is the freeways around here average 75-80 miles per hour. I wouldn't be able to slow down to boost the MPG or I would be run down.

    Is there still a chance I could get the 30MPG or better that people have mentioned on here?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I just got my '06 Escape Hybrid today and am excited to drive and add my experiences...and to read all that is here...there is certainly a lot of info...mixed results...I hope mine is one of the efficient ones! :-)

    I have an off-topic question: I noticed the oil change intervals are every 10K miles. Is everybody following this schedule or changing earlier?

    Did anybody get a tow package standard on their HEV? My dealer didn't know anything about one and put on an aftermarket 2" reciever after I specified 5 times 1-1/4"...they say the 1-1/4" is not available and that Ford offers no towing package for these...I find that hard to believe since they specify a towing limit. I just want it for hitch-mount bike rack. It seemed that I knew more about the car than anyone at the dealership...something I noticed earlier on in this post...rather dissapointing.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I have noticed that for the first two miles the engine will not stop when at or approaching a stop sign or light. I suspect the engine needs to warm up. As a result on short trips I get about 22-24 mpg. Good MPG on highway speeds. I do not have the AC or Heater/defroster on.

    Does anyone else also experience this?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I get around 25.3-25.4 MPG, as stated on the console. I also get an average of 280-300 Miles per Tank when the "Low Fuel" indicatore rings on.

    I have over 6,000 miles and I can't seem to go beyond these numbers. I've tried many of the driving methods on this website to no avail. I'm not at all a lead foot and bare with the cars honking me as they pass me bye. It takes me an awfully long time to speed up the electric motor to 30 mph. Too much pressure on the gas and the gas engine kicks in.

    I live in LA and I drive daily the same route from flatland hollywood up Cahuenga blvd to Barham and then over the Hollywood Hills to get to Burbank. It's not a steep ascent and they are only hills, so I would expect I should get at least 28 mpg, especially since I will be rolling down on the other side of the hills.

    I also get better gas mileage on the hwy compared to local driving. Go figure. Seems strange to me.

    I was wondering if anyone has noticed the following while driving their Escape Hybrid:

    Gas Engine kicks in over 1,000 RPM's. I would think that 2,000 RPMs would be more effective, since under 1,000 RPM's provides very little power to get to speed.

    When accelerating onto the highway, the Gas Engine rev's quickly to 4,000 RPM quite often and is noisey overall. This never happened with my prievious SUV and neither with my girfriends honda civic. My last SUV would rev to 2,500 (3,000 max) while picking up speed.

    Why is this engine reving up to 4,000 RPMS to maintain the same speed?

    Anyone have similiar problems?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Sorry, forgot to give you the specs on my SUV:
    Ford Escape Hybrid'06 4WD 6,000+ miles. One person load, no additional weight.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Hi Haskell

    The Atkinson 5 cycle has limited torque at low RPMís. The best way to accelerate is at 1800rpmís and 2300-2500rpmís. This means hold those RPMís till you reach your speed. There are pockets in the RPM range that are like spinning a clutch and just waste gas. The worst RPM areas are between 1900-2200 and 3000-3500rpmís, try to keep the FEH out of those ranges.

    The generator turns the engine to start at a little over 1,000rpmís, why would you want to jump to 2000rpmís? If you want to save gas, your going to have to back off the gas pedal. Every RPM is filling the four combustion chambers with a fuel mixture, which means at 100rpmís, you have filled the cylinders 400 times with a fuel mixture. If your hitting 4,000rpmís, your wasting a lot of gas. Donít get me wrong, sometimes you need the power, but you can do without it most of the time.

    The assist/charge gauge on your dash can let you know when you are at 100% of the load or max power of the engine. Even though the throttle is not wide open like you use to have when you floored a vehicle, you are at the maximum output of your engine. Ford has set up the FEH so that at maximum load, the electric motors assist the engine. If you are getting the assist needle to move to the assist area of the gauge, you have exceeded the max load of the engine. If you drive at or near max load, you are getting the worst mpg of the FEH at that speed and RPM. The lower the load, the best mpg can be had.

    There is so much to learn about the FEH to improve your MPG. You can choose how you want to drive for FE, itís your gas money. I have decided to learn all of the gas saving techniques, and use them whenever possible. Many AWD owners are reporting near 40mpg tanks now. My FWD FEH is getting better than 45mpg tanks and I have been able to push over 70mpg on a 20 mile round trip. The FEH has a strong EV mode compared to other hybrids. This is why I choose to use EV as much as possible by choosing my routes wisely.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Hi Haskell

    I also get the "Low Fuel" indicator around 300 miles or so. You should have at least 60 miles remaining. This is your first warning and you have about three gallons remaining (60+ miles min). I got a second warning at about 40 miles later. The tank is 15 gallons and you should be able to use at least 14 gallons. You should be able to go about 350-400 miles per tank (if your fillup is 13.5-14 gallons).

    I have also noticed that if you drive short distances (<3 miles or 10-15 minutes) it will be more difficult to get more than 26 mpg in the city. Use cruise control set around 35 mph, and driving in "Low" gear - which will make transition into hybrid mode easier. Try to stay under 40 mph as much as possible. When approaching lights, slow to below 40 mph, and gradually decelerate while approaching stop lights as this is your optimum time to increase mpg.

    Try a route with less traffic or different time. LA city driving has a lot of fast stop and go's which is not optimal for mpg.

    In most city driving, you should be able to maintain reasonable acceleration and NOT exceed 3000-3500 rpm. With more practice you can do well at 2500 rpm. The hybrid transmission is very different. The computer continously changes the ratio to meet torque, HP, fuel effeciency. The engine can have the same torque at different rpms depending on how the computer is programed. The higher rpm's typically tell the computer to anticipate large HP/torque needs for acceleration or hills - sacrificing mpg. Try to "ease into acceleration" or gradually increassing acceleration by slowing depressing the gas and keep the max rpm under 3000.

    If you use the average mpg display; see what will slowing increase mpg and note what decreases mpg as you travel. Maximize your time doing what increases the average mpg and minimize what decreases the average mpg. You can either reset this daily, or try to slowly increase this over time.

    About the only way you can get more than 35-40 mpg is to drive slow; with your average speed between 30-40 mph.

    On a long trip this weekend, on the open highway I finally acheived over 29 mpg on freeways with hills and air on. (AWD hybrid)

    I did a little performance run going over the grapevine with a full load of camping gear. I could acheive 70 mph uphill going out of Bakersfield with the air on. Using criuse control the rpm was around 4000-4500 most of the way. This was a 5-6% grade and a 4000 ft elevation gain. I was quite pleased.

    Another comment - check tire pressure. I inflate my tires to at least 36 psi (keeps rolling friction low). This is higher than common tires. Some drivers even inflate to max tire ratings, but Ford recommends 35 psi for optimum performance and handling.

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    2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4X4

    I live in Las Vegas i have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4X4 it was used i bought from a toyota dealership December of 2006 with only about 7,000 miles on it. It was shipped there for the guy from Missouri and he got rid of it because he was going threw a divorce and he didn't want his wife getting it. Anyways our little on dash mileage was displaying 410 to 420 Miles to the tank when we were 1st driving it. Now its summer time and we drive with the A/C on all the way up "RED" and were only getting 312 to the tank. I know i takes a toll on the gas doing that, but when you fill up at a station before you start your A/C again it should display a higher gas mileage, no? Also i know when buying a new car MPG drops after its i.e. "Broken In" but it was bought used, so i wouldn't think that would be a factor here. I have tried tank cleaner, and octane boost i think. I keep my oil changes up to date and I do my own tune ups, any ideas? Nothing seems to help. I'll have to wait till it gets cooler when i start turning off the A/C to see if there is a real problem. Thanks. Willson.

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