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    In the winter months, I

    In the winter months, I install the Goodyear Triple Tread tires because they have superior winter traction compared to the EcoPlus tires. The downside is more rolling resistance and less fuel efficiency. I would estimate between 1-2 mpg loss. This is acceptable to me because if it prevents a "wreck", I save a lot of money.

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    It sounds like you are

    It sounds like you are mastering the skills.It is nice to hear about the mileage and the ride.Can you give a more detailed study of that if possible.

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    BIlly K, so far as the

    BIlly K, so far as the tires, mine are also all terrain SUV tires that I installed... Do you think it is the tires you "wear" in Winter or the actuall driving terrain (ice, more quicker acceleration, etc) that costs you those 1-2 MPG? What do you normally clock at in the summer? I wonder if it's a matter of knobby vs. slicks that's the issue here? I really hate putting road tires on an AWD vehicle.. seems retarded.

    So far as fuel economy, this tank I have the K&N high performance air filter installed. When possible, I try to use L gear on just about any town driving or resisted driving (IE up hill, heavy accelleration). I am clocking more dependably 27 mpg numbers for this tank, but still not breaking anything close to some of the records posted here.

    One interesting note, I have found myself hypermiling across flat 5-25mph town MUCH easier in Low gear. I can see if you are a short distance driver across this type of road terrain how the 31-34 numbers would be easily attainable.

    Finally, I had to come to a near full stop in an uphill yesterday because of an accident, my economy dropped almost .5 MPG from the resulting 4000 rpm accelleration over only about 1/4 mile to get to the top of the hill. How are those of you with early year (05-07) FEH doing on performance and fuel economy? Is this a flatlander car only?

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    My Goodyear Triple Tread

    My Goodyear Triple Tread tires do not have knobs or aggressive off-road tread. These triple treads are "all-seaon" tires. I use them because they offer much better road traction during winter conditions than the stock Eco-Plus tires. They are the most likely reason for decreased winter mileage. The other is the cold air which is denser and thus cause more fuel to be sent into the engine.

    As for driving and fuel efficiency, read up on what GaryG posts. Almost all of it can be utilized by the rest of us.

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    Update: Finally logging


    Finally logging numbers in the 27-29 range. The following were performed:

    - Driver familiarization with how to accellerate slowly
    - Use of L and N to maximize efficiency
    - K&N filter installed
    - Proper Inflation maintained
    - Oil change to synthetic oil
    - Premium Gas used

    This seems to be doing the trick. Hope this helps anyone else who may buy a FEH used and has issues getting the most out of their fuel efficiency.

    BTW, it took me 5,000+ miles to get to this point, so expect to work for it... it's not an easy task!

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    Scott, Ford recommends 87

    Scott, Ford recommends 87 octane in all FEH/MMH models. I've put Premium in my tank by accident and got at least a 3mpg reduction on the tank. Premium fuel burns slower and is needed in higher compression engines to prevent pre-ignition. For the best mileage in the FEH/MMH, use straight 87 octane without ethanol if you can find it. E-10 (10% ethanol) will reduce our mileage up to 15%.

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    Gary, Everything seems to


    Everything seems to be E-10 here... I was getting less mpg before the synthetic oil change and tire inflation and have been using premium since. Will try a tank of Unleaded 87 next tank... is it possible that the premium has less E10 content?

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    Gary, Did some more


    Did some more research... 85% of gas sold in Hawaii is required to contain E-10. There are several marina/airport locations that sell Ethanol free gas... Question is, is it worth it to buy? I have a feeling the Octane will also be higher.

    There may be some Aloha Stations that sell Ethanol-free gas... will have to check around for one of these locations. If anyone knows of a station on Oahu, please let me know.

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    Scott, I would say E-10 is

    Scott, I would say E-10 is your problem with gas mileage for sure. If there was a way to filter ethanol out of the gas, I would myself. Check the marinas to find out if you can get straight 87 octane from them because most AV gas is higher octane. E-10 screws up outboard motor carbs and other small engines like lawn tools that mix oil with gas. The ethanol creates a sludge when mixed with oil gas mixtures so maybe the marinas get straight gas. I would go so far as to pump the gas in cans at the marinas to fill my boat, small tools and my FEH's. In fact, I going to go to a few marinas to see if I can get gas without ethanol from them here in Florida where E-10 is mandated at all gas stations since June of this year.

    Also, it will take up to three tanks of straight gas for the PCM to adjust the long term fuel maps in the Keep Alive Memory (KAM) in your FEH. You can reset KAM to the default settings by disconnecting the ground on the 12V battery for a least 5 minutes. If you burn all the E-10 out, I would reset the KAM and add straight gas to speed up adjusting the long term fuel maps in KAM. Once the maps are adjusted to straight gas, don't use any more E-10 or you will be back in the same boat as you are now. E-10 has an instant effect on mileage as soon as it runs in your engine. Trust me, I have a lot of experience with E-10 prior to the mandate in June because some stations like Citgo was pumping it here long before the mandate. I knew I filled with E-10 two miles from the station because of the huge drop in mileage in my FEH.

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    Gary, Thanks for the in


    Thanks for the in depth info. I'll def be on the prowl for an E-10 free gas source. I'm wondering if the Premium is helping to offset the effects of E-10 and that is one of the reasons I am seeing a 2-3 MPG boost in milage? I'm sure the synthetic oil helps, but I'm wondering if this PCM has adjusted to the premium blend and is better tuned to use it than the 87 E-10 it was getting.

    Finally, I get a "Groaning" sound in my back end when I take turns. it does not sound at all like a fan, which I think I've heard, and is a much lighter sound than what I am hearing.

    Will the regenerative brakes ever make any kinds of noises? Shorcks and struts perhaps? Should I be concerned and bring it to the dealer?

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