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    I attended a meet of the

    I attended a meet of the Milwaukee Hybrid Group last weekend and all of the "hypermilers" use some sort of radiator block in the cold weather. This shortens warm-up time so that the car is ready to operate in EV mode sooner. This will improve winter gas mileage but owners still report lower readings in winter due to other factors.

    Club members note that it is more noticeable in a hybrid because of the math: a 10% drop in mpg in a car that only gets 15mpg is less noticeable than the same 10% drop in a car that get 40mpg.

    All that being said, our winter mileage average never fell below the 26-27mpg range. Now that warmer weather is here we can easily go over 30mpg.

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    I have to agree, There are

    I have to agree, There are many things we don't know about the guy in Mass, he could be a heavy footer or the enigne had not broken in yet, or he could have falsified his report.

    I did want to point out www.fueleconomy.gov, its a great learning site and that you will lose MPG in the winter, its a matter of fact. 22MPG is way better than my 16 and in the summer that number is going to go up. Mine has already hit 18MPG, I expect 19 in a few months, but then the airconditioner will keep it all in check.

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    So, got a 2008 Ford Escape

    So, got a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 4x4 (we live in the mountains)... had to go to Cali to get it (no inventory to be had in Utah)...

    So up over the Sierras and into the Rockies I went, jammin' to the new satellite radio. My average mpg was 27.5, 10 mpg better than the Grand Cherokee I traded. Around town (Park City) we even hit 31 mpg for one tank of gas.

    My feelings about the car - love it! Ford has a crack at leading the market in new car tech if they extend this thinking across their fleet of offerings.

    Now looking into making our hybrid a PHEV... anyone with experience they can share on this?

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    You want PHEV? Go to

    You want PHEV? Go to Hybrid-Plus out of Boulder, Colorado and for a mere $36,000 they will convert you FEH to a PHEV. Look on the internet for this company.

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    Tammy, I picked you at

    I picked you at random to reply to cause I thought I could help you and others with hybrid quesitons. My wife and I have had a FEH 08 for over one year now. We have over 23,000 miles on it. We do a mix of long distance commuting to work and local town driving. Our average fuel ecomomy is about 32mpg. Our best ever was 34.7. My wife cruises on the interstate on cruise control at 67mph. We live in Ocean Springs, MS on the gulf coast so it is A/C weather here for 9 months of the year.

    We previously owned a 04 escape with a V6 we were getting 22mpg. so a dramatic increase. Here is the best part in my opinion for buying either the FEH, MMH, or the new MTH(mazda Tribute hybrid). We bought the same vehicle with the same amount of cargo room, with a smaller gas tank, that was 10% heavier (due to the batteries) and it still get way better gas mileage. It rides great, its quiet, the Sat radio is great. YOu get a lot of features for the money that you don't get with the other hybrids currently on the market.

    You can get in a Escape hybrid and drive it like an other car, which is what ford wants you to do. THis is why there is not a lot of info about the batteries on board. But in order to achieve max fuel ecomomy you have to change the way you drive. Like very slowly easing into the gas pedal. If you bump it to hard it turns the gas motor on. As for the A/C the way this works is, there is a Button on the center console all the way at the bottom of the console. It says economy. When you push it the suv will drop into electic mode when you drop below 40 mph. If off it will be in gas mode all the time.

    Electric driving 101-- Becareful of driving through parking lots, or anywhere you are in electric mode, are people are outside in the street. They can not hear you comming and will not move out of the way. They are not being rude they simple can not hear you. You may be driving through a parking lot and all of a sudden the suv stalls, whoops. No its just switching to electric power. That screws with people too. Nothing is affected when in electric mode, the brakes work as normal, the steering, radio, and all electric componets work as normal. There is one catch to the A/C system. When in electic mode the A/C compressor does not run, which means no cold air. So, on a hot day when slowing to a red light and the engine cuts off it starts to get hot in the cabin really fast. Thanks for the economy button. Give that a push and instant cold air! Get ready for all kinds of strange sounds coming from the back of the SUV. Fans come on and off to keep the batteries cool. There is also a vent that opens on the drivers side this is the back window that looks like it might open, its a vent.

    Oh! Here's a new one for us! About a month ago I was getting off the interstate and the engine started racing. With no waring what so ever. No lights, no nothing. Info systems said everying was ok. But my mechanical ear said otherwise. We flipped through our book and found this page about half way through the book that said. At random the computer system may choose to condition the batteries and you may notice a performance change. I think that should be in the first chapter but that me.

    All in all I thinks its the best Hybrid on the market right now. It shares the same technology with Toyota on the prius. and together they are the two best selling Hybrids on the planet. So, here is what you get. Great styling, solidly built (Ford tough), features galore, great economy, and plenty of cargo room.

    Hope this helps you and others.

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    I now have 3000 mile on my

    I now have 3000 mile on my 2008 AWD HEV Escape. The first five tanks of gas have returned, in order, 31.8, 31.8, 31.5, 32.6, and 31.8 mpg. My mileage is about 50% commuting, and rest for pleasure. Pleasure drives include mostly backcountry roads (mountains, desert; getting there and back) and driving the beaches of Southern California. Clearly, style of driving makes all the difference in mileage; commuting is worse, getting about 28-30 mpg, and, casual slow and go is much better, about 35 mpg. One drive on coastal routes, which did not include the freeways, from Santa Barbara to San Clemente (all day, with about hourly stops) returned 40+ mpg, for 226 miles under ideal conditions; that is, no A/C and windows open, and no hurray to do more than just have fun.

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    I currently own a 2002

    I currently own a 2002 Escape XLT and have been very happy with it. I live in Minnesota and it is great in all weather (definately a dream in blizzards). I have been thinking of switching to the Hybrid. Thank you for your responses in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area. If anyone else has other experiences in the north, I would love to hear them.

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    The colder weather during

    The colder weather during winter will drop your fuel mileage. Use an engine block heater (should be standard equipment on vehicles sold in your area) and front grille block to help cope with this. I would install different winter tires for the vehicle (I personally use Goodyear Triple Treads--Nokian WR are highly valued also). There are advantages for AWD in your location.
    You might obtain a Mercury Mariner Hybrid sooner than the Ford Escape Hybrid due to a lesser number of these vehicles produced at the only plant which is located in Kansas City, Missouri area.

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    Since shortly after breaking

    Since shortly after breaking the 10,000 mile mark, we have noticed an increase in our city and highway miles of about 8% compared with the mileage when it was new.
    We are very happy with our Escape Hybrid 4wd.

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    Hey all, I recently bought

    Hey all,

    I recently bought a 2005 FEH (25K miles), and have logged only 25's for gas mileage in 4 tanks thus far. I have started to integrate the tips listed here, but suffer from several issues:

    rolling hills where I live (Hawaii)
    Slight grades in straight aways (bad for staying electric)
    slight dieseling when engine kicks on
    Reluctace of engine to accelerate in electric.

    Now, I talked to the previous owner, who said he "drove it like a normal car" and "didn't really look at the charge bar or the MPG indicator". Is it possible that the computer "adapted" to his driving style, and that is effecting my efforts to push past 26-27 MPG? IF so, has anyone had their compter reset by a dealer? (is it even possible?)

    Thanks! -Scott

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